Saturday, November 5, 2011

remember, remember the fifth of november

Remember, Remember 
The Fifth of November
Gunpowder, Treason and Plot
We see no Reason
Why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be Forgot.

Friday, October 14, 2011

seeing double?

I came home tonight and the October issue of Bazaar was sitting on my counter with this picture of Lady Gaga on it...

Is it sad that the first thing that crossed my mind is, without makeup, how much she looks like Edgar Winter circa 1972??

Am I the only one who sees it?? (I know I'm not because independent of me saying anything, Countrymouse said the same thing! Either we are both old as dirt or we really do think the same... or both.)

One last time... (and I'll make it easy for you...)


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

sweet nothings

I've been trying to make friends with the camera on my cell phone.  Most of the photos are blurry or just plain bad, but I kinda like this one I recently took when Countrymouse and I stepped out to one of our local places for happy hour. Buy one-get one free drinks and half price oysters... whoo whoo. (This was taken using the Instagram app for iPhone.  It's a lot of fun.)

I can't quite remember what he was saying when I snapped it but I do remember it was totally inappropriate!  (I love that man.) 

Mignon McLaughlin said,    

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person."

I wake up every morning thankful for him and look forward to the adventure the day will bring. Life is good.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

knowing when it's time to leave

REM announced yesterday that after 30+ years together, the band has "broken-up".  Michael Stipe had this to say, 
“A wise man once said—‘the skill in attending a party is knowing when it’s time to leave.’ We built something extraordinary together. We did this thing. And now we’re going to walk away from it. I hope our fans realize this wasn’t an easy decision; but all things must end, and we wanted to do it right, to do it our way. We have to thank all the people who helped us be R.E.M. for these 31 years; our deepest gratitude to those who allowed us to do this. It’s been amazing.”
I know, I know, probably not the biggest news of your day. (I think more people were talking about the new Facebook layout!) Yet, it's still a strange notion, for me at least.  I clearly remember listening to REM for the first time.  I was not quite 20 years old. My friend Martin had bought their album Murmur (yes, album... as in vinyl) and put it on a cassette tape for me. I almost wore that tape out.

I felt as if I was listening to musical poetry... arguably obscure, but beautiful nonetheless.  After listening to years of synthpop and new wave music, REM's quiet, introspective sound was exhilarating. They quickly became my favorite group and have remained one ever since.

I only got to see them play live once.  It was early on, probably 1986 or 1987, in a small art deco theater in Cleveland.  I sat the whole evening mesmerized.  (Countrymouse was less than impressed with the show. Stipe still had some issues (shyness? agoraphobia?) when performing then and had his back to the audience most of the evening.)  I remember "Superman" being one of the highlights of the evening.

To mark this end of a musical era, I offer two songs.  The first, "Radio Free Europe"... the song that started it all...the first track off their first full-length album, Murmur (as well as their first single).  This video also marks their first television performance.

The second, "Find the River", their final track off what is generally considered to be their greatest work, Automatic For the People.  A fitting song to say goodbye to a group of musicians that have been with me throughout my entire adult life.

Me, my thoughts are flower strewn
Ocean storm, bayberry moon
I have got to leave to find my way
Watch the road and memorize
This life that pass before my eyes
Nothing is going my way

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

tunes for tuesday: the understanding

It's late... or early, depending on how you look at it.  I've been awake since 1:45 and at this point it's a little after 4:00.  Not much sense in climbing back into bed now since my alarm will go off in less than an hour.  So how do you whittle away the hours until the rest of mankind begins to stir?  By playing on-line Scrabble and listening to music, that's how.  

All of that brings me to one of my current favorite songs, "The Understanding" by Jones Street Station.  While the band’s folksy indie pop is easy on the ears, it keeps the listener engaged.  The song definitely has a great sentiment and a catchy track.

Band member Danny Erker says, "We sing about a lot of wild stuff in the song -- fallen angels, prison breaks, sword fights -- but what's at its heart is the simple beauty of spontaneous friendships...". 

Perfect listening for 4:00 am.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

become someone else

Are there days when you'd love to become someone else?  (I can hear you shouting, "Hell yeah" as I type this! Yeah, me too.)

"Become Someone Else" is a brilliant ad campaign from earlier this year by Lithuanian advertising agency, Love for Mint Vinetu, a book store that features classic literature.  Here's what they have to say about it:

"When one reads books, he/she starts living it and identifies (or not) with main hero. These print ads for the Mint Vinetu bookstore, which sells lots of classics, focuses on the idea of becoming someone else. And provokes people to try on different personas."

My favorite classic is Emily Bronte's one and only novel, Wuthering Heights, but it's a sad, tragic story.  My own life is so much happier than Cathy's ever hoped to be, there is no way I'd trade places with her! What about you?  Any classic stories you'd love to live for a day?