Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I have a crush. This isn't new for me. It happens all the time, actually. It's not like the crushes I had in elementary school. (I think I was *in love* with someone from the first day I started kindergarten on up.) I get crushes on musicians. You probably do too but you don't realize it. My sister-in law (the *love of his life* one) will flat out tell you she's got it bad for Michael Bublé. I don't think I even knew who he was until I went to visit them a few years ago. She was almost offended! (In truth, I was scrolling through my iPod and realized I have one of his songs, but it's a Christmas song, so that doesn't count, does it?) She can have compulsive tendencies though, so maybe she's not the best example!

When I am crushing on a band, they are the only group I want to listen to. I can listen to the same CD 678 times and still want to hear it for the 67
9th time. When you listen to the same CD this many times, you develop a favorite song. What happens is that somewhere around the 134th time, your favorite song changes. Before you finally put the CD away (for the time being), each and every song on the CD will have a turn at being your favorite. It's always good to be fair. Sometimes I'm content to just let my *favorite* come up in the natural rotation. Other times, like this morning, I have to hear it back-to-back. I listened to the same song five times in a row this morning. This is the amount of time it takes me to drive from my small rural town to the neighboring even smaller rural town. Thankfully, most mornings I drive to work alone. I drive an old Jeep Wrangler. This is a loud experience in itself, so in order to hear my tunes, I have to play them realllllllly loud. Of course, that means that I have to sing realllllllly loud. (Because, you know, you just have to sing along to your favorite song!) If this isn't what you do on the way to work, you really need to try it. There is something cathartic about it.

When pups #4 and #5 were tiny, maybe about 2 years old, they love
d the song, "Walking on the Sun" by Smash Mouth. They more than loved it... it was their first musical crush. Pup #4, always the clever one, got Countrymouse to record it, over and over and over, on an audiotape. Those two mice went to sleep listening to 60 minutes of "Walking on the Sun" every night that entire summer. (We won't discuss the ramifications of lulling your pups to sleep listening to a song that starts out, "It ain't no joke I'd like to buy the world a toke." Good thing I don't believe in subliminal messages.)

My current crush is on The Guggenheim Grotto. They are a folk/pop duo from Ireland. I stumbled upon them about 3 years ago. I am always "on the lookout" for music I like. I read stuff and link all over the Internet. It's fun actually. I never know what I will stumble upon. I enthusiastically bought their first full-length CD, Waltzing Alone, as soon as I could and almost wore it out. When I saw that they were playing in my area, it was like a dream come true. They were actually coming here... not to the Western Shore or Philly... here. They would be sitting in a room 30 minutes from my house. Only the people who live in the middle of nowhere, like I do, will truly appreciate this. Needless to say, I went. They were awesome. Even Countrymouse (the Nickelback/3 Doors Down fan that he is) enjoyed them. I bought the pre-release of their new CD, Happy the Man (didn't I feel special!). I've almost worn it out.

You cannot begin to imagine my glee when I got an e-mail saying they'd be back less then 12 weeks later. Needless to say, I am going. I've pulled out Waltzing Alone once again, to try and balance the old and new. This is what I'm currently flirting with. My (current) favorite song is "Rosanna". Kevin May sings and writes most of their songs, but I prefer Mick Lynch's voice. (I have to tell you, he could pass for my brother-in-law's brother ... if he had a brother, that is!

Rosanna is a song that he helped write and sings. With it's "uncomplicated bareness", it's a beautiful song on it's own merit but I am intrigued with the lyrics. It's not a long song, so here they are:

Wash your face Rosanna
Tonight we'll go out on this town
Give them dogs a bone and put them down

Shine your shoes Rosanna

Tonight we're walking on those tiles

Give them cats a class in feline style

Have a drink Rosanna

Pour it straight and knock it down

Pull the rug of being up from the ground

Take a seat Rosanna

Soak your sight and suck the sound

Skip the last train home go underground

Have a heart Rosanna
Clubs for fools and spades for clowns

Diamonds only serve to fill your crown

See me in Rosanna

Here's a boy in shining steel
Fighting for a part of something real

I have two tickets to the show. Countrymouse, ever indulgent, said he'd go with me, but I don't think he liked them that much. (I should tell him that their song, "Lifetime in Heat" has a lyric that goes: "Europe's always been real good to me. She's always been forthwith with girls with pretty feet.") I only wish I had two tickets to two different shows. I'd be more than happy to go alone if it meant seeing them two more times.



  1. **love of his life**here... let's not forget my tv boyfriends Alton Brown, Billy Zane, Julian McMahan and Vincent D'Onofrio (early L&O:CI)...Alas, I am very obsessive but it's generally acknowledged and accepted, so long as there is good food as a result. I promise to listen to your video....and I think you need to give Michael another try.

  2. ....and I think WCBrotherinLaw is a dead ringer for Ed Norton.

  3. i also have a crush on vincent d'onofrio.. but my heart belongs to josh holloway (sawyer from lost).


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