Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I love wine. I mean it. The countrymouse and I usually have at least one bottle a night... sometimes two. It's almost always red, but I actually enjoy white wine, I just don't routinely grab a white off the rack. Tonight was a two bottle night. Mainly because I was baking chicken that seemed to take forever to bake, so we finished the first bottle way before the chicken was done and opened a second. It was red. I know there are conventions in place that will suggest that white is better with poultry, but I am of a frame of mind that you should drink what you like. And as I said, I like red. I have attended wine classes that pair different wines with the appropriate dishes and I must admit that the *right* wine really does enhance a dish. However, when it is all said and done, I still prefer a good red.

Tonight's bottle number two was Condessa de Leganza Crianza. It was an awesome tempranillo (I wish I could roll my r's) from Spain. Spain is one of the countries I haven't been to yet but really would like to go. I have fantasies about hanging out, eating tapas and drinking killer red wine. Countrymouse can be iffy about traveling abroad, but I think this would be right up his alley.

Our tempranillo tonight was purchased at Hair O'The Dog in Easton. It is absolutely the most wonderful wine/spirit/beer store I have ever shopped in. Check them out. I love that you can find really cool wine there that won't bankrupt you but still is of excellent quality. As I said earlier, with a potentially a 2-bottle a day habit, I love that I can enjoy an outstanding bottle of wine and open that second bottle if the mood strikes. I know that Dave and Joe are business men, but I truly always feel that they (and their posse) wouldn't sell you something they wouldn't drink.

Studies show that red wine is especially good for you. Maybe this is self-serving, maybe not. It is my poison of choice but the truth is I am a party girl. (Vodka is a strong runner up, in the right circumstances.) When things are said and done, wine is woven into so many aspects of life. It is there when we celebrate and when we mourn. It is used to remember our savior's sacrifices and to welcome in the new year. In our family, every major holiday/celebration is ushered in drinking champagne (or at least a good processco). When my sister comes to visit, most Sunday mornings are spent lounging around in our pajamas drinking champagne and snacking. Silly as it sounds, they are some of my most treasured memories.

The countrymouse and I have tried to be realistic and yet maintain some kind of boundaries with our 5 pups. I think we subscribe to a more European thought when it comes to drinking. Basically, we think if it's not a big deal, it's not a big deal. That's not to say that we are carting our 13 year olds off to buy Boones Farm (scary as it seems, I was probably only 3 years older then they are when I myself was drinking Boones Farm). My older 2 pups talk about their experiences and I have the opportunity to comment, good or bad, about them. I am thankful for that relationship and that they do not feel that they have to hide what they are up to (although, I have to admit that pup #1 is certainly legal and can get into all sorts of trouble without the associated fears.)

So to all my fellow wine lovers (for alas, I don't think I'd ever really be classified as an oenophile
) cheers, prost, salute, cin cin. Have a glass for me. Better yet, invite me over to share a glass... I'll even bring a bottle (of red).

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