Thursday, May 28, 2009

graduation day 20 may 2009

Okay, so this is a little late, but it was too important not to post on.

Pup #1 graduated with his Associate of Arts degree last week.  He actually finished his course work back in December and at that time decided not to "walk" during the ceremony.

This spring he ran into one of the professors from the college; she was disappointed he wasn't planning on taking part in the graduation ceremony.  Her take on things was that there are only so many days in your life that you are the center of attention, that your accomplishments are celebrated.  After mulling that over, it made sense to him.  It was definitely the right move.  He was beaming all night.

It took the Pup some time to figure things out, but he did.  He actually still doesn't know what career he will eventually end up in, but his degree is in Business.  He has such a passion for music and artistic media, I'd love to see him move in that direction.  His plan is to go on and finish his college education with a bachleor's degree.

He'll have a little time to consider what path to follow.  This Fall, Pup #1 will be taking part in a 6-month outreach program sponsored by our Biblical ministry. Countrymouse and I are extremely proud of him and the incredible man he is becoming.  I am excited for all the wonderful things that lay ahead for him this year.


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