Friday, May 22, 2009

photo friday: sisters

Photo Friday= an opportunity to share some of what is beautiful and wonderful about life.

Sisters are a mysterious union. I am a sister times two and I have 4 sisters-in-law, so I know a little about sisters.

I think the most wonderful part about being a sister is the ability to let it all hang out. My sisters are my two best friends. I would trust them with my children and with my life. As you get older, you realize the significance of that. There aren't too many people you can (or will) say that about.

One of my sisters lives far away so most of our relationship is over the phone or on the Internet these days. The other one is busy pursuing a new career, so our time is limited. I miss spending time with them. I have been blessed with awesome sisters-in-law, but even most of them lives far away.

In spite of distance, I think the fact that each of these women hold a special place in my heart makes the difference. I don't know what I would do without the

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