Tuesday, June 16, 2009

kitchen floor

My kitchen floor project has begun.  I am so excited.

When we moved in we labored countless hours removing the old vinyl floor.  This is much harder than it sounds.  It took lots of chemicals and lots of sweat and something that looked like a long-handled spade.  The in-between floor was good, but it wasn't really want I wanted.  When we took down a wall to make the kitchen bigger and I couldn't get vinyl to match our present floor, the decision was made for me.  

The black and white vinyl you see in this picture is the in-between floor.  The new floor will be Italian ceramic tile.  It's lots of earth tones.  I'll post a photo when it's done.

I think the real issue with my floor is trying to make it flat.  It will never be level (remember, the house is a 100 years old) but it must be flat so the tiles don't crack, etc.  They ended up just cutting the old floor out and are starting from the original floor on up.  The gray matter you see here is a cement like substance that will seal and even out the floor.  We used it when we laid the in-between floor.  It was used in this go-around because you could actually see through the floor boards into the basement.  Yikes!  

I actually stepped in this goop accidently.  It was so nasty.  Sorta like thick mud.  I wasn't the only one who stepped in it...

Wonder which of the Italians left their mark?  It's kinda cute except there's about half a dozen of these walking down my hall.  My wine bar is currently sitting in the same hallway, so I will tackle the paw prints once the stuff is put back in the kitchen.  

Every day there's a little more done.  I'm waiting for the day I come home and actually see tile.  I might even crack open a bottle of champagne!

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  1. What a good blogger you were!! (Taking the photo before cleaning up the mess.) It's looking really great!


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