Friday, June 12, 2009

photo friday: the italians

Photo Friday= an opportunity to share some of what is beautiful and wonderful about life.

These are my "babies", Mia and Massimo... The Italians. (Not their awful pedigree names... I changed them as soon as I got them!) They are lilac point Siamese. Mia (on the right) is about 2 and Massimo (aka Mo) is 18 months. They have very different personalities than the other cats I've owned. I got them from a breeder who was down-sizing her cattery. Poor Mo had been kenneled most of his life. Both of them are still "coming around" when it comes to petting them and such. We've made a lot of progress with them since October, when they came to live with us. Countrymouse is not much of a pet man, but I think he even has a soft spot for them. Like me, he'd love to be able to sit and pet them. Other than the whole touching thing, they are pretty acclimated. (How's that for a positive spin??) In any case, they make me happy. Mo is my favorie. He will let me pet him more often than Mia, but with both of them, it's always on their terms. I'm on the lookout for a boy-girl pair of all black kittens to add to our pride. They will either warm the Italians hearts or be their own little pride. We'll see.

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