Tuesday, January 26, 2010

gives me hope

Apparently there are a bunch of websites out there that collect these little one liners and publish them.  (Who knew?)  My niece was bored the other night and posted that as her status on Facebook.  Baby sister replied that her hubby suggested that our niece check out the site Texts From Last Night.   She has been engrossed ever since.  Even after she had read me a few, I wasn't interested.  Tonight, while getting my thoughts together for this post, I went there.  
The first post on the site was"I wiped a tear off her cheek with my boner. It cheered her up." 
Yeah.... ewww and no thanks.  Now my niece is barely 21 and has an off-kilter sense of humor.  I'm a middle-aged mother of five.  

Another site I am aware of that has a similar format is fmylife.com.  After reading some of the posts, I can only assume the "f" in the title stands for the f-bomb. 
The first post there tonight is:"Today, I was ecstatic after spending the night with my longtime crush, when he told me he felt something. I poured my heart and soul out to him, confessing my love for him too. Unfortunately, he was referring to a lump in my left breast, which I now need to get checked out. FML" 
The posts only get more depressing from there.  Do people feel better about themselves after reading about how someone else's life is falling apart?  I know what it's like to have things crumble around you. You would have to be pretty f-ed up to console yourself in someone else's pain.  

I can offer you a positive site, however.  Gives Me Hope has short posts about real-life things that inspire others. 
Here is their first post tonight: "An elderly lady come to my register and was buying milk and bread.  She didn't have enough $$ and had no way of paying. There was a 12 yr old boy buying a video game and a toy. He handed me his gift card to buy her items. He said that she needs food more than he needs a video game.  Boys like him GMH."  
The truth is, I could sit and read these tiny testimonies all night.  My world is a little fragile at the moment and it really is a comfort to know people can be giving and kind. 

Proverbs 11:25 (NIV) tells us: A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed. Selfless giving is alway godly and God honors that.  Isn't it better to fill your head (and heart) with positive things instead of things that usher in a bunch of negatives?  Even if you think it's funny or all in good fun, I think that kind of dribble just erodes the protective layer around your heart.  I'll be back to GMH and I am looking forward to posting my own Gives Me Hope story.  I invite you to join me.  

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