Sunday, January 31, 2010

somebody loved

I was listening to my iPod at work the other day and pulled up my Weepies playlist.  I love the Weepies.  Countrymouse does not.  He has even gone on to self-label all the music I like and he doesn't most of my music collection as "Weepie Girl music".   I've got thick-skin (and better taste in music) so it doesn't bother me.

Listening to them made me remember a photo montage I had put together for my myspace page. (Egads... you know that was a while ago.  I had/have teenagers.  I was just being a nosy watchful mother.)  After 3 failed attempts, and fearing I'd lock myself out of my own account, I was able to return to myspace-topia.  (I have to admit that I was kinda relieved that the last comment was from November 2008.)

The montage contains assorted (now pretty old) pictures of my great big crazy family.  But what makes this montage all warm and fuzzy is the music.  It's The Weepies song, "Somebody Loved".  Even now I can hardly watch it and not cry.

I am not a crafty computer type.  This montage took a little work on my part and because of that (and because it really does express my heart), I'd like to share it here for posterity (and because, Lord knows if I'll remember my myspace password next time I want to see it.)



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