Thursday, January 28, 2010

four little bits of randomness

Here's some things happening right now that you really need to know about... right now.  Well, not really... but they are happening and I feel the urge to share my randomness with you.
  • So, as you know, I had my little visit with The Joint Commission today.  It actually went well, except remember how I said they always change things on you?  Apparently some time last year they added the word "all" to one of the Standards.  Three little letters and all of a sudden I'm non-compliant.  So the thing I had previously been able to use my own discretion and judgement on now needed to be done every time. (Are you following this?) I'll admit, my personal judgement can sometimes be questionable, but my professional sense is solid. In their defense, I am sure it was published somewhere, it just didn't trickle down to me.  Sh*t may roll downhill, but Standard updates, not so much.  All in all, it was a successful visit... so much so, the surveyor insisted I attend the lunch session he was having with our physician leaders.  Not too shabby.
  • Countrymouse called me this afternoon at work.  Apparently, he was not too happy with my blog post about manscaping. He felt like I had outed him.  I was like, "Really?  Really?!" (For the record (although this may get me in even more hot water) he just keeps things neat.)  That wasn't the worst part, though.  He absolutely did not like me saying manscaping (or anything, for that matter) made him feel "sexy".  He said I made him sound like a *girl*.  I was like, "Really?  Really?!"  Don't men feel sexy?  Apparently not.  I said, "Well, how do men feel then?"  To which he replied, "Well, not sexy... more like Ron Jeremy."  I almost choked.  I asked him if would have rather I had said, "I think it makes him feel like Ron Jeremy... and there's nuthin' wrong with that sista!"  The short answer is YES...he thinks that's better than feeling "sexy".  I was like, "Really?  Really?!" Take a gander... I ask you??  Really?  Really?!  (In full disclosure, Ron Jeremy is known for his 9.75 inch... um... little Jeremy.)
Ron Jeremy in his glory days. (Judging from the mustache, I'd say mid-70s.)                              

Ron Jeremy's current "look".

Men think women are hard to figure out.. 
Really?  Really?!

  • Take a little visit over to Lets Have a Cocktail (with a name like that, I know you aren't surprised to find out it's a blog I follow...).  Miss JennyMac (all dressed in black, black, black...does anyone else remember that game?) is celebrating her blog birthday and everyone is invited! (Yay!)  I love parties but I especially love killer purses.  JennyMac is giving a Jimmy Choo Ramona bag to one lucky girl (or guy, as the case may be).  Check out the link above to have your turn at the pinata  a chance to win.

  • My friend, Mike-G is participating in a very cool (literally) event, the 14th annual Maryland State Police Polar Bear Plunge.  Plungers (aka participants) take a quick dip in the Chesapeake Bay to raise funds for Special Olympics Maryland. For those of you who live in truly cold climes, you might think Maryland is in the South.  Au contraire! Saturday's high is supposed to be 26 with a 50% chance of snow.  I don't want to even be outside on days like that... never mind being barely dressed and jumping in the Bay. No. Thank. You. Special Olympics Maryland is the largest year-round organization devoted to sports training and competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.  They're the good guys.  Mike-G is a good guy too.  If you have a extra $5.00 or so tucked in your coat pocket somewhere (or maybe you're willing to skip a trip to Starbucks to support a good cause), please consider pledging it.  You can do it online by going here. I know times are challenging but the these folks lives are challenging every single day. Besides, how can you say no to a handsome viking?  (Makes me wonder what this year's plunge outfit will be?)

On behalf of Mike-G and the folks of Special Olympics, thanks for even the smallest gift.

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