Sunday, January 10, 2010

true love

Families can be challenging... especially to women. It's hard enough to stay on good terms with the people you are actually biologically related to, let alone the relatives someone else chooses for you by marriage.

I am happy to say that my sister-in-law, The Love of His Life, and I have been friends over the years. I think our relationship is more like a real sisterhood where we have good times and annoying times, just like I do with my two biological sisters.

I have found a true, deep and abiding admiration for The Love of His Life. No one knows how they will handle the worst life has to offer until they are knee-deep in the middle of it. In the midst of her fear and heartache, she has taken my brother's hand and because of her love for him, is walking him down the path to the end of his days. I think this is the ultimate gift of selflessness and true love. For him, she has been strong and courageous throughout this nightmare. I believe at this point she is functioning solely on adrenaline and love. My heart aches for her.

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