Saturday, February 20, 2010

and they call it puppy love

(Okay... I couldn't help myself.  I wouldn't normally subject you to this, but how could I not??  Here is Donny Osmond in all his 15-year old glory back in 1972.  Can anyone say Jonas Brothers, minus the white Elvis-esque jumpsuits, of course ?)

Have you ever noticed how there are pets and then there are pets?  When my little brother's family moved from California back to Maryland last August, they brought their pet cats and they brought their pet dog, Macho. Señor Macho is a chihuahua and little as he is, he is Mr. Personality. 

J Ro didn't know she wanted (or needed) a dog until Little Brother brought him home one night after a trip south of the Border. (As Countrymouse is fond of saying, Macho really is an illegal.) You can read about that here. The truth is, she couldn't imagine her life without him now. And strangely enough, I'm not sure we could either.

Countrymouse will tell you he's not a pet person.  He grew up in the country and there were always animals around but none of them made the cut to be pets. The truth is, Countrymouse has a little chihuahua-sized spot in his heart for a certain dog. On the roadtrip from California to Maryland, guess who kept Countrymouse company?

(Oh, and my nephew too.)

Macho actually is a frequent guest over here at the mouse house. He and our kitten Kiki are buds. (Our My other cats, won't socialize with her and, in fact, would like to whack her.  (We don't call them the Italians for nothing!) More about them another time.) Countrymouse has even been known to arrange play dates for Macho and Kiki.

Part of Macho's appeal is that he acts like a cat but still has a canine pack mentality.  Happily, he sees all of us as his pack (even Kiki).  

I am not sure how a 5-pound dog can wiggle his way into your family, but Macho surely has.  Ahora sé por qué lo llaman amor cachorro.


  1. Aw, that is so nice. Such a cutie he is. They have a way of getting into your life and then your heart.
    My sister never had a dog except when my brother had one, and then I had one when we were kids.
    She just got married a few years ago and her husband had a dog. She said she would be okay with that one, but then no more.
    Hah. When it died, they got a new PUPPY. So, there you go.
    TW and I have had dogs. It was the pre nup that I had to agree to. Actually, before she even said yes.

  2. OK, first off, I LOVED Donny's Osmond and his Puppy Love single! It was one of our FIRST ever 45 records! Secondly, that is the CUTEST dog I have EVER seen!

    I've often told my husband I'd like for my next dog to be a chihuahua! I think they're so cute, and I REALLY want a dog I can carry in my purse!! (And I am so NOT Paris Hilton, btw!!)

    Thanks for the smile!

  3. My little girl would happily house a few 5 pound pooches! ;) she love the little guys! She is over my shoulder now talking about how cute he is!! ;)
    Just Jenn~
    PS Samoas have always been carmel delites to me!


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