Friday, February 5, 2010

angel flight

Pup # 1 called last night. For any of you who have birds that have flown, you know these phone calls are little capsules of love, regardless of what the conversation is about. When the phone rings, everything else is put on hold. The soundtrack that is my life gets put on mute so I can focus on the pup. That most definitely includes the television. The Pup and I had a great time talking and I was only mildly distracted by the pictures on the television dancing around. That is until Radney Foster caught my eye. I love, love, love Radney Foster. Seeing (and especially hearing him) is always a treat. The fact that I had never seen this video certainly added to my distraction. As I watched the video play, I knew I'd be looking for it on You Tube sooner than later. (Umm, that would end up being first thing this morning.)

I recently wrote about my affection for country music. In part because it celebrates God, country and family. The Radney Foster song that I went looking for is called Angel Flight. It was co-written by Foster and Darden Smith.  It is a very sweet tribute to the seven men of the Red River 44 who lost their lives in a helicopter crash in Iraq in September 2008 and the men who had the honor of bringing them home. This is not the type of song you hear on pop radio but it should be.
I fly that plane called the Angel Flight - Come on brother, you're with me tonight. Between heaven and earth, you're never alone - on the Angel Flight, come on brother, I'm taking you home.
The cockpit's quiet and the stars are bright - Feels kinda like church in here tonight. It don't matter where we touch down - On the Angel Flight it's a sacred ground.
Anything by Radney Foster gets my attention but what really struck a chord with me was the music video, even with the sound muted. I had just spent the day at my brother's funeral at Arlington National Cemetery. I had just seen with my own eyes the folding of the flag ceremony and the heard with my own ears the chilling sound of a 21-gun salute. Just two of the elements of this video. With thoughts of Phil on my mind and thoughts of my own Pup #2 as he prepares to deploy to Iraq in June, the sentiment of this video was too much for my heart.

Foster and Darden are donating all proceeds from this song to the Texas National Guard Family Support Foundation, a charity that provides assistance to military families beset by tragedy. God. Country. Family.

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  1. Unfortunately, I don't share your taste for country music. But, I just had to say that I LOVE your background. Very cute blog!


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