Friday, February 19, 2010

awards night

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive.  ~Anäis Nin

During the past week or so, I have received two blogger awards from some new bloggy friends.  I am both tickled and touched.  

The first award comes from Kelly at Kellyansapansa, who writes about her sweet, crazy life in South Australia.  (I love that Kelly reads my blog overnight (because of the time difference) and I get to start off my day reading her comments.)

Kelly has bestowed upon me the Happy Award.

Part of the responsibility of receiving this award is to list 10 things that make me happy.  So here goes:
1. My family
2. Waking up and finding out I still have another hour (or more) to sleep
3. Gyros
4. Stumbling upon a real find at Goodwill
5. Hearing Countrymouse laugh
6. Having my feet rubbed
7. Comments on my blogs
8. When my cats let me pet them
9. Having all the laundry done
10. Champagne

The second award is from GregoryJ at living my life, whatever. Greg has lived a colorful life and shares a lot of it on his blog.  He very graciously has given me The Beautiful Blogger Award.

This award asks that you list 7 things about yourself.  So, without further ado, here is my list:
1. I have really big feet (size 11).
2. My favorite colors are orange, yellow and red.
3. I wear black tights all winter long. (They go with everything.)
4. I live in a 102 year old house.
5. My eyes are blue and probably my best feature.
6. If it were possible, I'd move to Venice tomorrow.
7. I'm originally from The Bronx.

The final requirement for both of these awards is that  you share the love and pass them on.  If you are like me, you enjoy discovering new blogs.  Think of this as a bloggy meet and greet. I seriously hope you stop by and visit these folks... I wouldn't steer you wrong. (Lord knows, I spend a lot of time there.)  Since I am handing out two awards, I am limiting each one to five recipients. (And my apologies if you've already recently received these from another adoring fan.)

The Happy Award goes to:
1. Sarah at E-man Adventures (and other Bucior fun) because she always makes me smile, IRL and here
2. Jess at yes to jess/a random day in the life of a first time mom because she keeps me young and connected
3. Christy at Confessions of a Misplaced Southern Belle because she exemplifies true friendship 
4. Shauna Glenn at because this woman is hilarious
5. Jenny at Somewhere, Knitting because she deserves to be happy

The Beautiful Blogger Award goes to: 
1. Poppy Buxom at The Beauty Boomer because this lady has style
2. Beth at Anti-Supermom because in spite of her blog title, she really does have it all together
3. Jenny Mac at Let's Have a Cocktail because I love her snarkiness
4. Lori at what's after 29? because her take on things is pretty spot on
5. Anything Fits a Naked Man at Anything Fits a Naked Man because her blog title makes me laugh and she is super sweet

I think I really could have doubled both of these lists! Take a trip on over and meet these peeps.  Tell 'em Citymouse sent you.  And while you're here, please comment with the name of a blogger you think deserves props and you'd like to promote. There's a whole lotta love to go around.

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