Sunday, February 21, 2010

blacking out what isn't necessary

Today I stumbled upon Austin Kleon. I don't even know where to begin to describe this guy. He would tell you he's a "writer that draws".  That's like saying that Tabasco is a sauce that's spicy. Kleon is the author of Newspaper Blackout.  His is a clever approach. He takes a newspaper page and a Sharpie and eliminates the words he doesn't need to create his poems.

I think this is pretty ingenious.

When looking around his blog on his website, I also read about his logbook.  This is his own innovative approach to keeping track of his days. He admits that he is too lazy to keep a traditional diary (I hear ya, brother) and instead prefers to keep a book of lists. However, he puts his own crafty spin on these lists...

What a great concept!  Now, I can't draw and I am not sure my middle-aged, middle-America lifestyle makes for interesting lists, but it is a thought...

What do you do to chronicle your days?


  1. I had diaries when I was a kid, but they became very boring and repetitive very quickly. The only journalling I do on a regular basis is my wedding journal, which I update as things happen, certainly not on a daily basis.

    Have you seen this:

  2. Kelly,

    I think this would almost take even more creativity! It is a pretty cool approach at expressing yourself though.

  3. That is SO COOL! I have my moleskin and am absolutely in love with it. I've been known to make little notes and paste memorable things to pages, but this is truly inspiring. Nice post.

  4. I don't chronicle my days, they just seem to all run together and there's not much to talk about anyway.
    Nice post, thanks.

  5. I tend to blog to chronicle my days. :)

  6. Same here as WhisperingWriter. However, the lack of any text on most of my daily blog posts
    should tell you that I lead a fairly uneventful life.

  7. Oh me too Goldrush! I try to console myself that no news is good news.

  8. Facebook, blog and in one of the three notebooks that I have in my purse. I've had my blog for over 5 years and it's nice to go back and see what I was doing years ago. It's about the only form of diary keeping that I've been semi-successful at! Thanks for the good luck wishes. :)

  9. I'm in LOVE with the newspaper + sharpie idea. It's a bit like magnetic poetry, isn't it? Very, very cool.


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