Wednesday, February 17, 2010

do the na'vi bend air ?

The women who write many of the blogs I read are mothers, just like me. However, they are mothers of "littles" and I am not.  Been there, done that. My pups currently range from 14 to 22... nothin' little about them anymore. So when these ladies write about breastfeeding or baking cookies together, I do know what they are talking about, but they are sweet memories at this point. Sometimes I feel out of the loop. I have the same problem with my Baby Sister.  Her "littles" are ages 1 and 2.  Her Facebook posts talk about things like Yo Gabba Gabba (apparently a hip, musical kids show) and Robeez (cute, little footwear for your tots, so I am told). I chalk all this up to life. I can only hope that once I have grandmice to tend to, I'll be in the know again.

Having said that, my youngest pups aren't that old, so when I heard there was this new movie coming out called "The Avatar", I thought I knew just what it was about.  

This fella:

                                                                                     Not these:
Nope.  Seems that "The Avatar" has nothing to do with Japanese anime or bending air or elements.

Considering the movie grossed $2,243,499,113, I'd say a lot of people didn't mind.  (Frankly, I haven't seen it.  I think I'll probably leave my memories of the Alpha Centauri star system with Will Robinson and the cast of Lost in Space.)

Imagine my surprise this week when I saw this trailer for "The Last Airbender":

I'll just take this as proof that I am truly not out of the loop and over the hill.  Yay!  (Hush your mouth.)


  1. I don't know why, but Avatar does weird things to me: I at first wanted to see it. Then, I didn't want to see it. Then I did. Now I do, but only on dvd. Maybe.

    The story idea sounds awesome, but I'm not into the extreme hype it's gotten. I tend to run away from whatever is popular. For some reason.

    Anyway... I just have to say that Yo Gabba Gabba is Satan's playground.

  2. Boy, do I agree with you on this one! I didn't see Avatar, and I really don't have the desire to, despite the hype. I'll join you in a Lost in Space marathon, any day!!

    Thanks for the smile!

  3. Stopping by from SITS to say HI! I have made a promise to myself to visit and comment on all blogs posted to spread the love!

  4. Yo Gabba Gabba is FREAKY. You're lucky you don't have to be subjected to it.


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