Monday, February 8, 2010


I know everyone is on Facebook these days... me too. Lately, they've had these themed weeks (baby pictures, doppelganger, etc...) which I've avoided.  It's kinda too much trouble.  And as far as a doppelganger, no one has ever said, "Hey did you know you look like such and such?"  (I, on the other hand, am always commenting that complete strangers look like people I know, famous or not.)  There are peeps in my family, who really do look like a such and such...

 Christina Ricci and The Love of His Life 

 Dan Aykroyd and Baby Brother

Juliette Lewis and Baby Sister 

Not me... boo hoo.  So I took a little visit to, because I was clueless and that's where everyone else seems to be finding their celebrity look-a-likes.  So when I loaded my photo, this is what I got:

And because, as flattering as it is, I really don't think I look like Heather Locklear, I did it again with a different photo. This time this is what I got:

Both times the generator picked Selma Blair as a second or third choice, which I thought was interesting.

I'm not seeing it. Soooo... I am thinking I will stop while I am ahead.  Maybe it's good to be a one and only?


  1. humfph. thanks for posting my look-a-like, which you apparently don't think I resemble. j

  2. I did it too and it says that I look like Scarlett no true:)
    but I think you resemble Selma:)


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