Saturday, February 27, 2010

i want

It's Friday night.  The gateway to the weekend.  It holds all the promise in the world.  On this end of things it is so promising... come Sunday, it will be a memory and hopefully not a disappointment. So this weekend...

I want...

  • to have the energy to do all the laundry
  • to have all the right words to say to the people I love
  • to spend just a little time concentrating on me
  • sleep in past 7:00am
  • make Countrymouse laugh
  • re-establish an old friendship
  • get those damn Christmas ornaments put away (yeah, right)
  • enjoy the fellowship of like-minded people
  • make a menu for the upcoming week
  • update my iPod
  • do my floors (the chore I hate the most)
  • look over my genealogy
  • send a few e-mails to people I've let slip off the radar
  • catch-up on all the posts in my Google Reader
  • call my sister and wish her the happiest of birthdays (oh, the 30s are the good years)
  • remember a few good memories

What are you hoping to do this weekend??


  1. My list of chores in and around the house is long...but I have to work this week end ( Nurse ) So it all has to wait until Monday!
    Have a great and successful week end! Coming from SITS to say hello :)

  2. I'm taking the P's to the National Museum of Natural History! Daddy's been gone for 3 out of 6 weeks and the little buggers need a treat!

    Hope you get your list done and make some great memories!

  3. We have lots of chores too, that I'm avoiding. I hope to make it to a movie this afternoon. Good luck with the tasks on your list. Hopefully, you'll fit one of those martinis into the picture....

  4. I always have high hopes, but then end up being not so productive. I did manage to almost finish laundry, take kids to swim classes, get some great deals at Banana Republic, make dinner, and watch a movie with my boys while daughter is at a sleepover. Oh and worked on my blog cards for Bloggybootcamp next weekend. Hmmm, well it looks like maybe I was more productive than I thought.

  5. Well, I absolutely know you enjoyed the fellowship of like minded believers. me.

    Here's to believing you got some other stuff done too.


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