Thursday, February 11, 2010

in vino veritas

In vino veritas.  In wine [there is the] truth.

(I know this is 8 minutes long... but it really is good and well worth the time.)

This is not exactly what I was getting at by saying "In wine", but hopefully you'll indulge me. 

In vino veritas is Latin and is roughly translated "In wine there is truth."  The sentiment behind the phrase is that after a little wine tongues get loose and the truth comes out. I recently had an opportunity to play with this phase and this is the outcome:

Yep.  My very own labeled wine.  It is a play on words using the Latin phrase and our family name, which remotely sounds like "veritas".  The photo is from the last (and final) time my entire family was together... Fall 2007.  It seems like forever ago.  We've had a couple of additions since then... my niece Ella-bean and my great-nephew, Wyatt. More of an impact, though, is that my mother and my brother are no longer with us.  These little bottles represent a lifetime of family love.  While my play on words was clever (or at least I thought so), I really wanted to convey that within our family there is truth and there is true love.  Isn't that how families are supposed to be?


  1. Beautiful Sentiments.

    I knew the phrase from Latin, not Greek, so I looked it up. And learned something. Thank you.

    In vino veritas is a well-known Latin phrase. It means “in wine [there is the] truth”. It is also known as a Greek phrase “Ἐν οἴνῳ ἀλήθεια” En oino álétheia, which has the same meaning. The author of the Latin phrase is Pliny the Elder,[1] the Greek phrase is attributed to the Greek poet Alcaeus.

    The Greek poet Alcaeus is the oldest known source for the phrase. The Roman historian Tacitus described how the Germanic peoples always drank wine while holding councils, as they believed nobody could lie effectively when drunk.

    The phrase is often continued as, "In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas," i.e., "In wine there is truth, in water there is health."

  2. In vino, veritas, in beero, belliness.

    OMG I am so insightful!!11!! I can totally see why you follow me. ;-)

    p.s. Thanks for following me. But where's your follow widget, hmmm?

  3. That was just lovely! I actually had a plaque on my kitchen wall with the "wine is truth" sentiment, it always made me smile!

    I think your mother and brother would be touched and thrilled with this beautiful tribute you've given not only to them, but your entire family. So often these blog sites are overflowing with writers bitching and whining about their families. What a supreme breath of fresh air this post has been! Thanks!


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