Saturday, February 6, 2010

jets overhead

Sometimes if you hang in there long enough, things start to work out for you.  This is the case with Jets Overhead.  Last year's appearance at Bonnaroo (among other notable invites) was only a glimpse of things to come for the Canadian band.  The busy rock group is slated to perform two shows during the 2010 Winter Olympics (February 12-28, 2010/Vancouver), the Canadian Music Week (March 10-14, 2010/Toronto), the almighty South by Southwest (March 17-21, 2010/Austin, TX), and the equally impressive Coachella (April 16-18, 2010/Indio, CA). And that's just in the upcoming weeks!

Their sound is a pleasant blend of beautiful, dreamy vocals backed by a wall of guitars. The term shoegaze is bandied about when talking about their sound. Ambient comes to my mind. Either way, they deserve a listen. Currently signed to Neil Young's Vapor Records, Jets Overhead is on tour promoting their second full-length CD, No Nations. Fronted by husband and wife team Adam Kittredge and Antonia Freybe-Smith, the band woos the listener by allowing them a glimpse into their with love affair with music and words. Lucky Canadians have the most opportunity to catch them live.  The rest of us will have to make due with their music catalog, all of which is available directly from their website. 

If you're like me and hunkering down for a snowy weekend, there's no better time for a musical foray and Jets Overhead will not disappoint.  


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  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, thought I would pop by and say Hi!. Poor you all that snow. Not heard of Jets over head before. Good though


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