Friday, February 26, 2010

world market

I know I've had a lot of music and/or video posts here lately.  I can't help myself sometimes.  I really do love music. I realize, however, you may not love my love of music. So I will try to give you a break (I said try)... but after this post. Okay?

I was on You Tube (yes, again!) and watched some videos of an artist I like, Anggun.  She is an Indonesian singer/songwriter, who sings in both English and French.  I mentioned her in my Snow Playlist post. You can read more about her here. The song I included in the playlist, Snow on the Sahara, is probably her most popular song.

I watched the video for Snow on the Sahara.  It was good.  Visually interesting, beautiful woman, pretty song...

I generally enjoy what's known loosely as World Music, so when I saw the video for the same song in French, I was thrilled.  This version's video was obviously produced for a non-American market.

What do you think?  I think at some point, I just stopped listening to the song and started to try to figure out the video (which I didn't). What kind of message was that anyway?  I need to show it to Countrymouse next time he pisses me off doesn't see eye-to-eye with me. Another reason to be glad to be an American.


  1. Wow. Totally feeling that song. I only got to listen to the first 35 seconds (I'm in a rush to get to bed!) but I am totally going to finish listening to it tomorrow. And she's completely stunning!!

    Thanks for stopping by, I really am glad you took a chance on Atmosphere! Slug is a wonderful storyteller. I hope you'll listen to more, and stop by my blog again sometime!

  2. I enjoy your music posts. I rarely have time to go exploring for new music myself, so it's nice to have someone else do it for me!

  3. I actually like the song more in French! Also, she reminds me of an Asian Cher. Also? That French video sort of weirded me out!


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