Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Katie over at Don't Warn the Tadpoles does these cute themed posts called, "Today I love..."   I love these posts because I almost always love what she loves.  Yay!

So here's my hand at sharing something I love...

Today I love Phil Hansen's video,"Influences".  It is a time-lapse video of him painting layers of pictures on his torso. The project took two days to complete and he even slept with the paint on!  Each picture represented an influence on his life.  In the end, he peels off a quarter inch of paint to cut out a portrait of himself.  [Insert deep thoughts here... but it's late and I have to pretend to get some sleep.]

The song, "Influences", is by Mayda Miller.  Definitely check her out if you're a Nikka Costa fan ala "Like a Feather".

What are some of your influences?  Do you think you benefit from the bad ones as well as the good?


  1. Wooooah! Cool video. All I could think was "doesn't all that paint itch?" Thanks for linking me, too! My "Today I Love" posts aren't always well thought out or witty or good at all, but it's REALLY nice to know somebody appreciates them. Thanks!

  2. That was real cool. I might do a today I love too....but not today.


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