Saturday, March 13, 2010

navel gazing

I recently learned about an art exhibition at the Brevard Art Museum, in Melbourne, Florida called Navel Gazing. Now, I think being clever and pithy are real talents, so this caught my attention.... Florida-navel, art-introspection, promotion-self-absorption... I love it!  And it was clever and pithy enough to make me check it out.  (Hmmm... if I can only convince Countrymouse a weekend in Florida is in order...)

The Museum put out an open call to artists of all mediums to submit proposals for artwork that was representative of Florida by “reconstituting existing ideas, or making fresh-squeezed interpretations” of the state. (They really have this cheeky thing down, huh?)  Eight Florida artists were selected to provide insiders’ views and eight artists from out of state were selected to provide outsiders’ perspectives.   The show runs through April 11, 2010, but there is talk about traveling the exhibition. 

One of the selected Florida home-grown artists is Carolina Cleere.  Cleere is an award-winning photographer who also creates mixed media photo collages.  Her work is filled with surreal whimsy and a gnawing depth. She states, "The primary focus of my work is the narrative portrait of lost innocence".  I realize her work won't appeal to everyone, but it intrigues me.  I find it visually engaging and thought provoking at the same time.  

And isn't that what we really want to surround ourselves with... things that make us think and feel? 


  1. I'm with you, these are really engaging!! There's so much to study in each one, I find myself starting at them! Thanks for these, I really enjoyed my "gazing at navels!!"

  2. I love this art! I'm actually going to Melbourne for spring vacation and definitely going to check this out. You are welcome to jump into my suitcase!

  3. Duh, I was looking for belly buttons.
    I need a mirror to see mine. I won't say I have a big belly. My wife says it enough for both of us.

  4. These are really interesting to look like. They kind of creep me out and draw me in at the same time.

  5. Whoa! I think I like these, but not sure I could have one in my house!


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