Friday, March 12, 2010

we're all just cowboys looking for a name

Pronunciation: \ˈī-rə-nē also ˈī(-ə)r-nē\
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin ironia, from Greek eirōnia, from eirōn dissembler

a (1) : incongruity between the actual result of a sequence of events and the normal or expected result (2) : an event or result marked by such incongruity b : incongruity between a situation developed in a drama and the accompanying words or actions that is understood by the audience but not by the characters in the play —called also dramatic irony, tragic irony

Here's some real life irony for you... last Saturday I got up at 5:00 am (am... did you read that?... on my day off for God's sake) and drove almost 100 miles each way to attend a Social Media Conference aka Bloggy Boot Camp. The ironic part is that I haven't written a word since and it will soon be a week since the meeting.  Go figure!  I've wanted to write, I've just been slacking off watching Grey's Anatomy reruns extremely busy all week.

The conference was a great experience and I am already looking forward to attending others. In addition to learning more about some different aspects of blogging and meeting a lot of fantastic people, more importantly, I left Baltimore feeling good about what I do. Countrymouse has been reading blogs for years, but he reads heavy duty/ getting paid to write about what I think/ I might even end on up Fox News kinda blogs. This blog obviously does not fit that mold. There are so many more important blogs out there, I wasn't sure that mine mattered. Before listening to these ladies, I felt like writing here was merely my hobby... like knitting (not that I knit) or fishing (not that I fish) or surfing (not that I surf) might be. After participating in the conference, I know that I have a voice. It may be a small voice at the moment but it can grow.  The ladies who presented were professional (but fun) and were informed experts. Some of them were making money blogging and some were still just doing it because it brought them joy. (My dream job would be to combine both.)

Some of the highlights from Boot Camp:
  • Twitter... Twitter... Twitter.  Before going I suspected this and after attending it is confirmed... I am the only person in America who does not tweet.  I have since taken the baby step of signing up for a Twitter account but it still eludes me.  I think I will be spending a lot of time here this weekend.
  • Your blog is your brand.  Decide what it is you want to do and do it well.  Be true to you.
  • Comments = Blog Crack.  What you put into comments is what you get out.  Be sincere... drive-by comments are worthless.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because we all want to be noticed
  • Buy your domain... own your blog content
  • Apparently WordPress is the schnizzle
  • Be kind. Share. Help a sister out. Why wouldn't you?
  • Memes... This can be a fun aspect, but only pick one or two and be consistent.  Oh and meme rhymes with dream, in case you weren't sure.  (It is not "me me" even if that's what you're writing about all the time.)
  • The FTC is not out for mommy blogger blood.  If you're doing endorsements, just be honest.
  •  Keep your blog organized and clean.  Pictures and videos are always a plus (thank God, cause I am not sure I could post without using 'em).
I have already started making a few changes and I am sure they will continue as I learn more and become more comfortable in the blogosphere.  I am ready to buy my domain name and need some help.  As you might have guessed, all the really good names are long gone, which pretty much means anything catchy, like or  I do have some options available though but I can't decide.  (You should see me trying to order dinner off a menu.)  Would you pretty please with sugar on top answer the following survey?  It's only one question and I promise it won't take but 3.7 seconds to complete.  You can also leave a comment below.

Click here to take survey

The blogosphere is still very much the Wild Wild West and we are all cowboys pioneers. I think it'll be a fun journey and ten years down the road when we look back on these days, we can smile to ourselves and know we were here back in the day. Thanks for joining me on the ride.

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  1. I took your survey and loved your post! Always wanted to go to one of the bloggy boot camps. Have a great weekend mouse! :)

  2. Completed the survey! Thanks for passing on the ideas from the conference!

  3. Love that you got so many great ideas from BBC. You are not the only one not twittering. I am on Twitter and do a daily Twitterfeed update of my blog but am not as active with updates as some.

    And I voted in your survey.

  4. Thanks for having stopped by. =)

    I want to go to Bloggy Boot Camp!!! If only they had them in Chicago. =(

    Thanks for all sharing what you learned.

  5. Took the survey! Hope you get your .com soon. Glad that you took so much away from bloggy bootcamp, I did too. It was a lot of fun and I'm already signed up for Philly in Sept. I would like my blog to be the best of both worlds too with advertising and just doing it for fun. It was wonderful meeting you!!

  6. I'm afraid that I still don't really understand irony. I've been trying for years. I'll have to look up incongruity for any nuances it may have.

    Please what is schnizzle? good? bad?

    thanks for all the tips. I think they will be very helpful.


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