Thursday, April 29, 2010

chillin' with lhb

Growing up, my earliest recollections of music in our house was listening to Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell and Charley Pride. We (and everyone else) called it Country and Western music back in the late 60s.  My father would throw in some Edith Piaf or Miles Davis just to keep things lively. In the 70s, my parents moved on to psychedelic music and we listened to Iron Butterfly, Jethro Tull and Jefferson Airplane. I loved it all. I had Sweet Baby James and Tapestry on vinyl (of course) and thought I was the cat's meow. Somewhere along the way (1976??), my brothers and I became the owners of Kiss Destroyer on 8-track. We had died and gone to heaven!  I knew every lyric (and still do) and spent hours contemplating who was the cutest band member. (Like you could actually see what they looked like.)  I ultimately decided that I would bestow the honor on Peter Criss because, at 13 years old, I thought his cat face was just too cute.  He also sang the ultimate love song (at least in 1976), Beth. (Personally not my favorite, but even then I knew I was in the minority.)

My whole point here is that people knew what they liked and knew what to call it... Country, Psychedelic, Rock-n-Roll, Jazz...  I don't think things are that easy today.  The fact that I continue to love it all only complicates things.  Is it down tempo, chill, shoegaze, trip hop, folk, pop, ambient, rock, trance, fusion, electronica??  I don't know! And really, I don't care.  I like that I like so many things.  Knowing what to call it would help in conversations, though.

Recently, I have fallen for a band that is no longer around. (I hate when that happens!!) I've been on the look out to buy some of their stuff, but the best I've been able to do is on Amazon, where a new CD is running over $60 excluding import fees and international shipping. I think I'll be doing a saved search on eBay. (Keeping my fingers crossed.)

The band is LHB. I am not sure what kind of music to tell you they play... I'm going with chill/trip hop/ambient.  If you like R√∂yksopp and Zero 7, they are for you. The first video features the awesome vocals of Imogen Heap, definitely a high point.  Have a listen and tell me what you think.  And if you come across one of their CDs, buy it for me!! (I will absolutely send you the money for it... assuming it's less than the $60 Amazon wants.)


  1. I love music (of all sorts) too. I especially enjoy the internet radio station Pandora because I find all sorts of new artists that have similar sounds to the ones I already enjoy :)

  2. The music from your childhood really brought back some good memories for me!


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