Friday, April 2, 2010

head west young man

Guess who's taking a road trip?

Ahhh... Indiana, home to the Indianapolis 500, The Jackson 5, Jeff Gordon and Steve McQueen.  I only hope it's the straight shot MapQuest says it is!  (If you haven't played with MapQuest or Google maps, click and hold your mouse on the map... it lets you move things around and even change our course.  Fun, huh?)

We're packing up some of the pups and heading west to Indy to see Pup #1.  We haven't seen him since October, so we're all pretty psyched.  To be honest, with Facebook and cell phones and such, it hasn't been all that bad... but it definitely isn't the same as a little face time.  

I'm hoping to have some très magnifique photos to share of our trip.  Sure to be included will be some of our stops at Cracker Barrel because it's the only place Countrymouse ever wants to eat on trips Road trip + Cracker Barrel = Happy Countrymouse.  (I actually always get the fried okra... it doesn't matter what anyone else orders.)

Of course I haven't packed yet and have no idea what the weather will be like. I'm more concerned about syncing my iPod and finding a few good books for the drive.  (Did I mention it was over $1000 for 4 of us to fly to Indy?? Yeah... we're driving.)

To share some road tripping love and maybe motivate me to get off my bum and do something more constructive, I leave you with the wonderful Bottle Rockets singing (drum roll, please)... Indianapolis. Enjoy!


  1. Have a safe trip!!

    Stopping by from SITS!

    Maria @BOREDmommy

  2. Ah, yes, Indiana. I wouldn't be able to join you. I was banned from the state. Or maybe that has expired. It was a long time ago and actually, it was all just a big misunderstanding. I didn't know she was the governor's daughter and that the greased pig was her pet. It wasn't my shotgun either, but I did fix the hole in the roof. He can't still be governor anyway. And the picture they have at the state line is old and I don't look like that anymore.

    So have a nice safe trip.

  3. Visiting from SITS. Hope you have a safe trip! Enjoy your fried okra!

  4. Hope you enjoy your road trip! I'm stopping by from SITS! I haven't eaten at a Cracker Barrel for a long time. I hope the Okra is good!


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