Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a most unusual gin

When I was 18 years old I decided I liked gin.  I'm not sure why now, looking back, but I did.  Not just any gin... Tanqueray gin. And, in case you're wondering... the drinking age in Maryland back in the dark ages day was 18, so I was totally legit and obviously drinks were cheaper back then because my poor-minimum-wage-earning-college-hiney couldn't have handled what good martinis cost nowadays. I've continued to drink and enjoy gin ever since, but seldom drink Tanqueray these days. Bombay Sapphire ranks high on my list, but my gin of choice is Hendricks, hands down. Hendricks is just so yummy. It is a small batch gin crafted in Scotland (yet another reason to be proud of my heritage), with an "unexpected" infusion of cucumber and rose petals.  I know... sounds pretty highfalutin... but I swear it works. Cucumber, of course, is the garnish of choice for Hendricks.

I love Hendricks' advertising. It is clever, fun and interesting... just like the product it advertises.  


  1. I can't handle gin at all, but I love those ads!

  2. Not a huge gin fan -but we would drink this at McMenamin's if we didn't drink theirs which had a wonderful juniper bouquet to it. Again- amazing art.

  3. No gin for me, but I love the labels! I don't really drink alcohol, but I always want to buy the fancy bottles!

  4. working yet? Sorry - Citymouse is trying to help me with my blog.

  5. That is one sassy drink for a 18 year old! I'm feeling pretty lame once liking Boones Farm.

    Totally awesome advertising, you are so right.


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