Saturday, April 3, 2010

thoughts from the road

(Yet another meal at another Cracker Barrel... 
is there rehab for such things?)

We are safe and sound in Indy (well, actually Fishers, Indiana, but it's all the same to me).  The trip only took 12 hours and that includes lunch and dinner breaks and a pee/coffee break.  Not too shabby considering it was close to 700 miles.  Even though I brought two books to read, I never cracked either of them.  Instead I chatted with Countrymouse, took in the sights, listened to music and just spent a lot of time thinking....

  • I love the Midwest.  We passed so many motorcyclists between Ohio and Indiana.  Not one of them was wearing a helmet.  Personally,  I am a helmet wearing motorcycle mama... but that's just because that's my comfort level but I love the fact that people out here still have the freedom to make that decision for themselves.  I absolutely don't think the government has the right to mandate that kind of thing.  Yay for the flyover states!
  • There is an RV sales place outside of Richmond, IN called "Tom Raper RVs".  I kid you not.  Countrymouse said maybe he pronounced it rapper... well... maybe, but that's not how it's spelled.  Then he said well, you can't help the name you're born with.  I suppose, but really??? Couldn't he at least have given his business a better name, like All-American RVs???
  • We did indeed stop at Cracker Barrel for dinner.  My okra was good but that was the only thing I enjoyed about dinner.  I think I've managed to convince Countrymouse it is time to stop the Cracker Barrel madness.

  • The highlight of the trip out was an impromptu lunch with my little sister.  The timing was right and she was available.  I love it when things work out like that.  Even though the visit was short, it was still a great time.
  • We are staying in a Studio 6 Extended Stay.  After the Fort Benning debacle back in October, I've been a little leery about booking *cheap* hotels on-line.  In my defense, the Fort Benning hotel was a Holiday Inn Express... you sorta feel like you know what to expect there.  I should have known that a two-room suite shouldn't be as cheap as it was.  Let's just say, I got what I paid for.  Anyway, while our room at the Studio 6 is *cheap* it is very nice to boot.  I would totally stay here again.  
  • Indianapolis is all ape shit this weekend because it's very own Butler University is in the Final Four and the game is actually being played here on Saturday. (This would be why I am staying in Fishers and not Indy proper.)
  • We traveled through Western Maryland on our way out West. This is the very top of Maryland in what Marylanders call the Panhandle. (See and here you thought Florida was the only Panhandle state.) Where Maryland and West Virginia mingle together is some of the prettiest scenery on the East Coast.  This area typically gets a ton of snow and this year was no exception, especially with the Snowmageddon. We have had some spring-like weather recently and it even went into the 70's for a stretch a couple of weeks ago. It was 83 degrees when we went through there this afternoon. You can imagine our surprise when we still saw snow on the ground (and more than just a smattering)!  It makes me wonder just how much stinking snow they got up there?  Wow... that's all I can say.
  • We listened to my iPod the whole way out.  Sometimes the pups did their own thing, either watching DVDs on my laptop or listening to their own music on their Zunes, but I controlled the airwaves.... mawahhhh. (That's my evil laugh, in case you didn't know.)  I never seem to get around to making playlists and since I can be lazy, I usually just play an artist's whole catalog instead of flipping around... or at least until I am tried of them.  This is what we did most of the way out but I got bored with that the last 150 miles or so and started playing random things.  It was fun and I rediscovered some bands I forgot I liked (like Naked Blue). That's the problem with having so much music to choose from.  Anyway, it wasn't until I put some early Beatles on that I got Countrymouse singing.  This is stuff that came out when he was a year old or so.  
  • On a whim, I put on some Spice Girls (yes... I know.... but I always say I like a little bit of everything....) I couldn't help laughing when I turned around only to find the pups having a sing-a-long to Wannabe. Apparently they like this song and know all the words. Who knew? Oh and this is stuff that came out when they were a year old or so. Nut doesn't fall far from the tree.
So, in honor my two 14 year-old pups, who made me smile tonight, I share some Mel B. and her spicy friends.


  1. Thanks for taking us on the trip with you! Sounds like you are making some great memories!

  2. Sounds like you're having a great trip. I have a strained relationship with the Cracker Barrel's just sort of - meh.

  3. I would hate to be in a car that long, but it sounds like you had a good trip.
    I hope all those motorcycle riders have organ donor cards.

  4. Spice girls do rock.... there is more than one of their hits on my ipod :)

    Glad you're having a great time.

  5. So I don't think I have ever been to Cracker Barrel... but now I am curious...what kinda food do they serve?!! ;) not sure we have them on the west coast! LOL!

  6. I'm waiting with bated breath for the next trip installment!


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