Friday, June 18, 2010

just like on youtube

I have a habit of driving fast.  I know I shouldn't but when I get behind the wheel I just drive how I'm comfortable.  It just happens to usually be between 60 and 70 mph.  I am also very blessed in that I never seldom get stopped and have a squeaky clean driving record. (This fact is not lost on my little sister or Countrymouse, who can just think about speeding and end up with a ticket.  I think they kinda hate me some days. Well, not really, but just saying...)  

After work last night, Countrymouse and I headed to a neighboring town to stop by the Farmers Market and grab dinner at the Market Street Public House.  All was well until I passed one of Maryland's Finest.  

Trooper: License and registration, ma'am.  I also need to inform you that this traffic stop is being recorded and video taped.
Me: Yes sir.  Here they are.
Countrymouse: Hmm?  Where's the video camera?
Trooper: In the car.
Countrymouse: Really?!  Just like on YouTube?!
(I'm thinking, just like COPS.  All that television Countrymouse watches and he doesn't know this?? )
Trooper: Excuse me?
Countrymouse: You know, just like on YouTube.
(Now I am thinking, please just shut the eff up.)
Trooper: Yeah... just... like... on... YouTube.
(Now I'm thinking, so much for my squeaky clean driving record.)

The Trooper doesn't say another word and just takes my stuff back to his car.  (You know, the car with the video camera in it.) Once he's safely out of earshot, I turn to Countrymouse and try to figure out just who is actually sitting next to me and what he's done with my beloved spouse because I know my husband would have more sense than to get cocky with a State Trooper at my expense. 

Countrymouse: What?  I just thought it was like you see on YouTube all the time.
Me: What!  I do not watch videos of people getting pulled over on YouTube all the time... (Ummm, make that never.)

The Trooper returns and hands me my license, registration and a little white slip of paper.

Trooper: I just gave you a warning.  Slow down out here.
Me: Yes sir.  Thank you.

I'm extra careful pulling off.  The Trooper turns around and heads in the opposite direction.  It's all I can do not to speed to get to the Market Street Public House and order a nice cold Blue Moon.

Countrymouse: You know why he gave you a warning?
Me: Why? (I'm still kinda miffed at Countrymouse, but mostly relieved.)
Countrymouse: Because he feels sorry for you for being married to such an ass. (I laugh and agree.)

And that is why I love this man. (That and the fact that I still have a squeaky clean driving record.)


  1. Hilarious! I absolutely love it! Thanks for the Friday grins!!!

  2. Too funny!! I bet it never gets dull in your home!

  3. i hate when that happens -- and by "that" i mean when my husband turns into some stranger, not when i get a ticket/warning....

  4. Haha!! LOVE it! So glad hubby could help you out! Congrats on your squeaky clean record! (Mine's just a TAD tarnished!!).

  5. Love it!

    Oh, by the way, this is our scorecard:

    HOB: 15 tickets.
    Betty: Zero tickets.

    Not that I bring it up when he is trying to tell me how to drive or anything....


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