Sunday, June 27, 2010

when in rome...

I can think of few places I'd rather be on any given day than Italy. I love everything about it... the people, the food, the wine, the cities, the country, the history, the language, and of course, the coffee. The Italians are my peeps (coffee-speaking, that is).

The Italians take coffee seriously. Because coffee is so much a part of the Italian culture, not drinking coffee isn't even considered. It is not uncommon to greet someone in Italy with the phrase "Prendiamo un caffè?" (Have a coffee?)  They also don't worship at The House of Starbucks. Do not go to Italy and order a half-caf, skinny, sugar-free, caramel latte. (And for that matter, an Italian worth his salt espresso would only ever order a milky drink during the morning.  It's Italy.  It's mostly hot and not air-conditioned. The thought of hot milk sloshing around in the stomach isn't pleasant.)

If these tidbits have you concerned you may not be up to the task of ordering a coffee next time you're hanging out at a bar in Rome, be not dismayed!  Kate Appleton's video, How to Order Coffee Like a Roman will settle your nerves (at least until the caffeine kicks in). 

I wish I had seen this before my first Italian trip.  It would have made those first few mornings a lot easier (but no less memorable).


  1. i would pretty much be kicked out of the country.

  2. Italy....I want to go for so many reasons. Coffee being one of them.

  3. if my kids don't settle down and my work doesn't settle down i may just run away from them all and end up in Rome. I can dream can't I?

  4. I bet Italy was just beautiful! I'd love to go visit there someday. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you had a great Monday too!

  5. Rome reminds me of red wine - and lots and lots of red wine - and forgetting where our hotel was - and a really bad hangover.

    They love their coffee and blonds (I wish I was a blonde in Italy) ;)

  6. OH and its so hard to find good italian food here in the I'm craving it!

    Thanks for commenting on Single Mom in the South!


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