Friday, July 16, 2010

fancy friday something old

What's that old verse?

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in her shoe

I know it's in reference to weddings, but of all the many things that could have been included, the first is something old. It's thought to represent the bride's connection with her family... with her past, her history. It emphasizes it's importance.

I love old things (except my Jeep that is... well, I love it too, I just wish it wasn't old). I love knowing that an item has a history, that someone else, in some other life, used and loved it.  Some of the things in my home that I enjoy the most have a past... sometimes with family members, sometimes with strangers.  The lovely ladies over at LoveFeast Table wondered about our favorite antiques and their stories.  I couldn't resist.  Here's a few of my favorite old things....

My house was built in 1903.  The slag light on the right is original to the house.  The one of the left is vintage via eBay.  (I love eBay!)  I am the third owner of my house.  Isn't that amazing?  Sometimes I think about the original owner, Frank Short, and his life in my house.  He would have used my little slag light.  Wondered what it illuminated?  It's in the upstairs hall.  (The other one is downstairs, in my foyer.)  This light gets us safely in our beds at night.

I have crocks all over the place.  I especially like the large ones.  These two have seen better days, but that makes me like them even more.

I have an awesome collection of ceramic pitchers and vases.  They are on display on a server in my dining room.  The server is a pretty snazzy piece on it's own. The growling lion heads on the columns on each side make me smile.  I bought the server from a lady in New Jersey.  We made a wonderful weekend out of it... visiting my brother's family in Philly first and then some cousins in New Jersey.  I've highlighted two pieces from my collection.  The first one is a vintage wine pitcher from Italy.  I didn't buy this in Italy but it always reminds me of my trips there.  The second, smaller pitcher is German in origin but it was given to me by my great-grandmother, who was from Scotland.  Actually, she gave it to my mother for safekeeping when I was born.  It's probably my oldest possession.  I'm thankful my mother saved it all those years.

I think these iridescent pressed glass curtain holders are some of my very favorite things.  I love how they shimmer and how the color is always different.   These came from a local antiques flea market.

I admire all the craftsmanship on this table.  I've had it a long time and it's move a few times with us.  I bought it at an estate sale.  It's the first thing people see when they enter my house.

These Goebel figurines were given to me as a wedding gift by my godparents.  They are from 1925.  I'm not sure how my godparents came to own them (I should ask).  They are in perfect condition. They have moved 8 times with me since my wedding day.  I have them on display in my bedroom, mainly because they are somewhat protected there from my kids any harm.  Even though it's been 24 years, I still think about my wedding day every single time I see them.

I don't think anything is as lovely as stained glass.  I have it hanging everywhere I can possibly hang it, including a couple of pieces on my front porch. All of my stained glass is old and some of the pieces are from Europe.  One of my favorite pieces came from a huge flea market in Pennsylvania that my sister and I trekked up to.  It was a great memory and a great find.

Looking at the pieces I've shared, it occurs to me that while most of them are old, they don't have a history or story that I can recount. What they do have is a special place in my life. Their stories will have a new beginning with me and my family. We will pass on their history and our own wonderful tales.

This post is part of the Fancy Friday fun hosted over at LoveFeast Table, where you're invited to share what inspires you.  


  1. Wonderful! You have some really really cool pieces!!! Love your style! And, thanks for sharing a little of your story with us this Fancy Friday!!
    Chris Ann & Kristin

  2. Hi! Coming to you from the SITS site! I love old things as well. Our home was built in the 1920's and was sadly "modernized" in 1990 (yuck). We're trying to make it's original self.

    Love those wedding figurines. Beautiful!

  3. Thanks for visiting me through SITS today. I adore old things! Half my house is refinished furniture. Off to the antique store tomorrow for my monthly visit!

  4. It is wonderful how we can create our own and new memories with our things to pass on. Fun history on the light in your home and the owner. Wow only 3 owners in a little over 100 years...that's neat!

  5. WOW! I'll your house is a ton of fun to look at! Love, Love, LOVE your big crocks. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. you know you're cool. i strive to be more like you!

  7. What a lovely post! My first visit here today via amid the Olive Trees.
    I am very envious of all your beuatiful stained glass

  8. I love this post. You have some very special things. More than one of those ceramic items is from Italy, I'd bet!

  9. Hi citymouse!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier and commenting on my post about the Comment gadget! I've not seen any blogs so far with the Comment gadget actually. I am of course grateful with this gadget as it helps to temporarily solved my commenting issues on my blog (where a couple of my readers are not able to submit their comments)

    Have a nice day ahead! :)


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