Wednesday, August 4, 2010

eleven little bits of randomness

With the big office move this weekend, things at home are still a little topsy turvy.  (Now that’s a term you don’t use every day, but it works.)  I’m trying to reclaim the house from the mountain of laundry and stacks of dishes that accumulated over the weekend. (I actually got a little pissy last night and refused to cook dinner in protest.  I told the pups if they couldn’t act like they were part of a functioning household and do their share, neither could I. The truth is, that was okay when I was mad at them, but then I felt pretty guilty, like I was being a bad mom. Needless to say they had a proper dinner tonight.  I’m such a softy.)

So I thought it’s be a good night to do a random thingy post.  (Besides, I haven’t done one in a while.)

  • I’ve been really loving Tröegs Sunshine Pils this summer.  It’s a little citrusy with a nice clean finish.  It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite beers.  
  • Pup #1, Thomas, is home visiting for a few days.  Can you say awesome!?
  • Something has pretty much killed all my squash plants. I think the squirrels keep nibbling on them. I thought they were butternut but they looked more like green pumpkins, but I was still happy to see them grow. I was so looking forward to making soup. This picture was just from a couple weeks ago. All the plants are shriveled up and brown now. (Although everything else in the garden is fine.)
  • My Jeep caught on fire last week.  Countrymouse was driving.  Have I ever told you he gets kinda spastic in those types of situations?  (In his defense, I suppose if I was driving with flames shooting out of the back of the Jeep, I’d probably have a kitten too.)  Apparently the catalytic converter gave up the ghost.  Yeah... I wouldn’t recommend driving a vehicle in that condition.  You know ... live and learn.  
  • Speaking of Countrymouse, for once I got to give him the, You’re So Cute When You’re Dumb look he often gives me.  After countless hours spent on the web, he thought “LOL” meant “Lots of Love”.  (Glad it’s not just me that has those moments.)
  • I want to make Angels on Horseback.  I have seen this recipes at least 3 times in the past day or two.  Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.  Have you ever tried it?  Was it as good as it sounds??
  • Maryland is known for it’s oysters... and it’s blue crabs.  I haven’t had any steamed crabs since 4th of July weekend, which is pretty much criminal in these parts.  Must. rectify. immediately.
  • I was walking down the hall at work the other day and a woman I didn’t recognize said, “I know you”.  I didn’t know her. She’s friends with my brother’s widow and apparently reads my blog.  She even referenced the Mouse House.  It was kinda cool and kinda weird at the same time.  I did feel slightly famous for 60 seconds though.  (Oh and Krista, I hope you keep reading.)
  • Got a few new photos of Matt from Iraq.  Here’s one for you guys to see. It's nice to get a glimpse of life there (and see his smiling face). Countrymouse says pictures with your "fire power" go along with the territory and date back to the Civil War, where whole groups of men would pose with their guns.
  • I want to paint a harlequin pattern on the floor in my upstairs hall.  I think it will look pretty cool, I just haven’t had the energy to get it done (or to try to keep kids and cats downstairs a day or two while it dries.  Maybe they can stay at your house for the weekend?  Nah... a weekend without the pups? Then I wouldn’t paint, fo’shure.)
  • For the record, I didn't make the peanut noodle dish on Friday. (I know, no one is surprised.) But I also didn't get pizza or beer. Looking back on Friday, I'm not even sure we had dinner that night. (The weekend is a big blur now.)
This is probably a good place to stop... it's late and my mind is full of random thoughts. If I keep going, I may be up all night.

LOL (and I do mean Lots of Love),


  1. I'll never think of LOL the same! Luv zuchini! We have some growing and I love to fry it in butter and salt and pepper. Mmmm.

  2. Hahah we had pizza and beer! But I promise I've cooked actual food for dinner every day since. Also, I love zucchini, and I'm envious that you get to grow your own!

  3. sorry about your jeep! dang that sucks. and oh my gosh, i cracked up about what my uncle said.

  4. I like random, it works for you. Enjoyed the post. Sam Adams Blackberry Wheat. Must try.
    Stopped by from SITS to say good morning.

  5. Your random topsy turvy post is well done! I had the use of 2 army jeeps when in high school, courtesy of country mouse dad. Never had one burn up. Lost the stick shift a few times. Missed having doors sometimes. Enjoy your day.

  6. SITgal. Yeah, I think those were green pumpkins. We always grew them when I was younger and the flowers looked exactly like that. Good thing too, I would have been sad if it was squash.

  7. I, for one, prefer Lots of love. It's...sweeter, no?

    Also, highly recommend the peanut noodle dish. I made one of my little man friends prepare it for me last week and it was very nice indeed. ;-)

    - B

  8. Loved this post of random thoughts. And one of my best friends is a Blue Star mother, too. you, your family, and your son.

    I am going to make that peanut noodle dish. As soon as I get some of my vacation weight off.


  9. LOL...for lots of love. I like that a lot better.


  10. i can relate to each and every random thought! i started to, in fact, and made the mistake of using the link to the "angels on horseback" so I could find out what they were--which erased my composition (saving you from my attempts at a witty repartee). Instead, I'm toying with reposting your blog and adding my comments for my own blog!
    I'll keep Matt in my prayers.


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