Wednesday, September 22, 2010

17,166 days

Tonight Countrymouse took me out to celebrate the last day of my 46th year.

Not just Sushi
(General Tanukis)


(Out of the Fire)



All of my favorite places...

Tomorrow I will wake up to birthday cake for breakfast and my family singing to me.  A family tradition in the Mouse House and one that always makes me smile.

This year has been filled with happy times and sad times.  All times I will never forget.  Is it true what they say, "Another year older and wiser"?  Either way, I'm looking forward to a new year filled with endless possibilities.


  1. Happy Birthday! What a nice way to wake up on your birthday. What if you wake up before everyone else? Do you have to lie still and quiet and pretend?

  2. Yeah! Happy Birthday! May it be a year filled with blessings and joy!! Your birthday is one of my very favorite days of the year!!! Stop by and find out why? LOL

  3. I hope you had a really Happy Birthday xx

  4. And, all of my favorite things, really. Cocktails, dinner, and music! Wow!

  5. You should have told me it was your birthday... we could have gone to lunch last week! Love the blog!


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