Thursday, September 30, 2010

evolution craft brewing company

Have I mentioned we love us some beer around the Mouse House?  I really don't have only one beer/style I like, which is good for me because it's gives me lots of options. I love drinking local beer when I can and supporting the guys who invest so much of themselves into producing good tasting beer.  

In our neck of the woods, Evolution Craft Brewing Company is the new guy in town. They are a small batch brewery located in Delmar, Delaware. Evolution hosts a Tasting Room at the brewery that offers their mainline selections as well as samples of the specialty beers they currently have in production.  Countrymouse and I haven't made it down to the Tasting Room yet (and there really isn't a good excuse because it's only about 30 minutes away) but we have been drinking our fair share of EVO since they hit the scene.

On our agenda for the evening is a beer dinner at General Tanuki's in Easton.  Tankuki's is one of our favorite places to eat and hang out and doing that around some excellent beer will make for a great evening.  The guys at Evolution brew their beer with food in mind, so a beer dinner is the ultimate way to enjoy a nice cold EVO.  

Chesapeake Foodie paid the guys at Evolution a visit recently and was kind enough to share a little clip with the rest of us.  Have a look and if you aren't busy tonight, join Countrymouse and myself at Tanuki's (410-819-0707) for what promises to be a great evening.


  1. When I do have a beer, I'm a lame "Corona w/lime" beer fan, or Amstel Light (boring), but my hubby gets a little more adventurous than me! I'll have to keep my eyes open for this EVO beer and bring some home for him (silly me ... when I read your post title on my sidebar, I thought for sure it was a new CRAFT site or scrapbook site! I think I need more beer in my life!!) ;)

  2. I'm a wino, but my hub looooves beer, especially microbrews. We're in Colorado Springs. His fave here is Laughing Lab. Otherwise, he really likes Fat Tire as a more "common" micro.


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