Saturday, September 18, 2010


Are you creative?  Do you think that creativity is something some people are born with, like mad guitar skills or the ability to throw a ball?  I think we all have a creative flame within us… sometimes we just need something to spark it into a real fire.  

For the record, I probably didn’t always think that.  I am sure there have been times in my life that I have said, “I’m not creative” (or at the very least thought it). Part of developing your creativity is knowing what areas you have a feel for and enjoy.  I think I am creative but I don’t think I am creative in every category of life.  (And yet another reason to surround yourself with good friends.)

The ladies at LoveFeast Table asked, “Where do you get your inspiration for creativity”.  I talked about inspiration recently in this post and said that my inspirations were God, my family, nature, art and music. These are the things that inspire my life.  They are also the things that inspire me to be creative.  They are the things that I get excited about… I don’t know about you, but when I get excited about something, I’ve gotta release it!  Doing something with that enthusiasm is the next logical step.

While I don't always talk a lot about it here, I have a deep love for God.  My life is blessed because of God's grace and His Word provides me with great freedom and liberty.  I think that creativity is one of the greatest expressions of liberty.  

My family defines me.  I love them more than anything.  My heart overflows because of them and all of that emotion manifests itself in my creativity.  I create because I love them. Whether it is something to make them happy or to enhance our times together, they are the foundation of everything I do. Having that sense of purpose and security gives me boldness.  

How can you not be inspired by nature?  Nature provides us with beauty, peacefulness, detail, color, wonder, life.  I took all of these pictures in my yard this summer.  I am still amazed at the extraordinary artistry that is available right under my nose.  The secret to being inspired by nature is taking the time to allow yourself to be inspired by nature.

(Louis Comfort Tiffany)


(Marc Chagall)

Creating is art.  It doesn't matter if it's in the kitchen, the studio, the craft room or your backyard.  Art fuels art.  The more art you surround yourself with the more artistic you become.  I have a real appreciation for anyone who can imagine something and then reproduce that thought in concretion.  I think our own fears of failing keep our ideas inside way too often.

If you follow this blog at all, you know that music is my soul.  It is interwoven in everything I do and every aspect of my life. Music represents all the sweetness and goodness in life, while at the same time reflects life's sadness and anger.  It is all encompassing.  Music motivates me and lifts me.  It drives me to want to produce something good.  

It's hard to pick just one song to share...there are so many I could chose, depending on my mindset. Have a listen to this one and come back and hear more.

These are my inspirations.  All rolled together, they make me who I am and inspire me to give. What makes you feel creative? What inspires you to want to create, to share the fire within you?



  1. Wonderful thoughts on creativity and inspiration! It is just a part of my life and of me that I need to express one way or another. The world is a safer place when I do....

  2. What makes me creative?

    Reading a great book, nature, the ocean, my family and friends, and my students!

  3. What a beautiful post filled with so much wonderful inspiration. I loved each picture and word. Thank you for sharing.

  4. You have a beautiful soul my friend, I agree with what you said. What inspire me? I think life itself with all his aspects inspire me.

  5. Beautiful thoughts to read on a Sunday morning, I am not a very practical person and do not actually make things but I have lots of ideas, which my husband helps follow through. I have recently been finding great inspiration in Nature for my photography which I enjoy immensely.

  6. This is a really great post!

    I love that you have 5 kids-I'm the oldest 5 it was the best way to grow up!

  7. I love that you say creating is art--I believe that. Creativity is can't be confined to just a few areas--when someone tells me they aren't "artistic" but they have a beautiful house, or they have the gift of hospitality, I tell them that is an art.

    I feel creative when I listen to jazz, eat a wonderful meal, walk around and look at architecture, museums, galleries, and when I get in the studio and look at the glass and tile and all the colors of my materials.

  8. What a beautiful post! I loved reading about you. Thanks for stopping by!!

  9. YOU have inspired me today! And this was a day when I really needed it - thank you for the beautiful pictures and beautiful thoughts.

    So glad you found me through SITS and I was able to then find your lovely blog :-) Looking forward to staying in touch...

    Amanda Broadfoot
    "Life is a Spectrum"
    Latest post: "Tagged, bagged and in my pajamas"

  10. Thanks for visiting on my sits day! I think I'm am still reeling from the blog "love"... you have a lovely family! (Btw, Amanda, the comment before me, write on my site!) Small world. Even in bloggyland!
    Have a good week.
    Stephanie at www.southernMOMentum

  11. thank you for sharing so much about yourself with us.....I think you have your priories in perfect order, and you certainly seem to be living a happy life so I would stick with it


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