Friday, September 10, 2010

living in a dream

It is the city of mirrors, the city of mirages,
at once solid and liquid, at once air and stone.  ~ Erica Jong

Of all the places I've traveled, only one place is always tugging at my heart... Venice.  

Venice is magical.  It exists where no city should exist.  Built centuries ago on wood piles.  It floods horrifically.  It threatens to disappear into the sea.  And yet it remains.

It is a city of love, great and small.  I fell in love with Venice on a trip with my sister.  I needed to share it with Countrymouse. We went for Carnival.  It was February 2004.  It's been way too long.  I need to go back.

We walked. We played. We ate. We drank. We loved.  

Venice is a mystery.  It's narrow streets wind and weave a maze throughout the city.  A city where one must navigate on his own accord to arrive at his destination. The ghetto. The piazzas. The Canal.

It's inky winter skies are both a cloak and a blanket.  The summer is bright and warm, much like the Venetians.

Venice's history is long.  It was a major maritime power throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods. It's artistic influence during the Renaissance is still felt. Walking on streets that are so ancient and filled with so many stories is thrilling.

Why is Venice my favorite city? There's so many things I could list. There isn't simply one thing.  I think mostly it is how I feel when I am there. I feel enchanted.  It's the external manifestation of all my dreams. And for now, Venice remains in my heart and in my dreams.

Thanks to LoveFeast Table for prompting this post as part Fancy Fridays.

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  1. It looks like it was a truly magical holiday and experience. One day I would love to go there...

    Best wishes,

  2. My husband just recently asked, " Where shall we travel ..... ?" And I said, " I miss Venice. I LOVE VENICE!" Beautiful pics... and I have to agree ~ Venice rocks. {PLanning a 10 year anniversary trip for the summer of 2012}

  3. Oh I love Venice too, being there only once though.
    You are fond of all things Italians, so you are fond of me, yay. ;) (well I'm not a thing)

  4. I've never been but you certainly make it tempting! Great post. Stopping by from SITS!

  5. You are right--it IS a magical city. I'll always remember my time there.

  6. Italy is on my (long) list of places to go, and Venice is definitely a top destination. It looks so beautiful. You should definitely make it a point to revisit!

  7. Yes come back soon, but not just too Venice :)

  8. Oooo! Love it!! Thanks for sharing your post for Fancy Friday!! I love your pics of Venice. When I saw Venice I saw it in the gray and misty rain...and it was cold and I was I feel I got cheated on the magic of Venice that I hear everyone falls in love with!! I have to go back!!!! ~Chris Ann

  9. Coming to you from Ann's blog "dollop," and I love your random thoughts. So peaceful and cheerful. And I adore Venice...


  10. I absolutely love that you shared these photos with us! I turn 40 next year, and have always said that I wish to spend my 40th birthday in Italy (and Venice). Seeing these photos brings it one step closer - I think I would feel the very same way for this city, as you do. Thank you, again, for sharing!


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