Sunday, November 14, 2010


Countrymouse and I recently attended my high school homecoming. The irony that this is the same high school 4 of my 5 sons will graduate from is not lost on me. When my parents moved us from New York City (The Bronx) to the Eastern Shore of Maryland just a few weeks before I started my freshman year in high school and I found out my new school was literally located in a corn field, I cried.  The ironic part is that I am glad my boys are graduating from that same school. (And yes, it is still located in a corn field.) High school is high school and while I had some memorable times and made some lifelong friends, there's no way I'd want to go back.  But I have a soft spot for that place. (Must be time and age that makes that happen.)  I think we live in a great community, even if it's a little slow paced for me at times and it's still a good school.  I'd like to think having this in common with my kids adds a dimension to our relationship. 

Homecoming was fun.  The football team lost.  (Some things never change.)  The alumni association made a brilliant decision to rent a photo booth.  Even though we were in there just a minute or two, we had a ball and it may have been one of the highlights of the day.  Here's the proof...
(For the record, my eyes technically aren't closed in all those shots. They are just really almond-shaped and when I smile really big, they disappear.)


  1. My eyes always disappear in shots too. Especially night shots. It frustrates me!

  2. So fun . . . love the photobooth pics, and so glad you had a good time at the reunion!

  3. what a sense of community there must be for you still living in the area where you grew up.

  4. Ah, I took went to a high school in the middle of a corn field. With it's own cows too (that they served up at the Future Farmer's of America banquet).

    Love the pics!


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