Saturday, November 6, 2010

how can you change a life for under $10?

How many times do you drop $10 on something?  I don't know about you, but here in the Mouse House, it seems like every time I turn around I am doling out a tenner to one of my kids for something or another... movies, gasoline, football games, a trip to McDonalds .  Honestly, I think they think I have a never ending stack of ten dollar bills.  (I can hear my own mother asking me as a teenager if I thought money grew on trees.)  To be fair to my kids, Countrymouse and I have our share of $10 expenditures.  (And for the record, dear pups of mine, yes I do think spending $10 on a venti macchiato and a scone is a better use of my resources than renting the latest x-box game.) All of that being said, do I think we could do better things with our money?  Yes, sometimes.

Videographer, Nora McCormack of Soft Shell Productions thought so too.  When the band Guster announced a fan-generated music video contest for it's song "Bad, Bad World", McCormack rose to the challenge.  The result?  The contest winning entry.

McCormack posed the question, "How can you change a life for under $10?". When I read that my mind was all over the place trying to think of ways that $10 would make a difference.  Honestly I was a little stumped, which isn't a good thing to admit.  I was very moved by how the people in her video accomplished the task.  They focused on little things that both met people's needs and enhanced their lives.  

You don't have to spend a ton of money to make a difference.  All the small acts of kindness and selflessness really do have an impact.  It's a powerful thing to know that a small gesture on your end could have significance in someone else's life.  

My buddies, Kristin and Chris Ann from LoveFeast Table, practice what they call Love Bombing, which they say is "the act of making, serving and sharing a meal for unsuspecting people".  While it is more than a $10 effort, they are still exercising this concept, just on a grander scale. I have no doubt that the lives of the people they "bomb" are impacted.  I think part of what is so touching about the video is that everyone involved is a stranger to one another.  It's really easy to be kind to people you know and like, but stepping outside your comfort zone (and maybe theirs) takes your giving to a deeper level. The LoveFeast gals inspire me.  This video inspires me (with some really great music as an added bonus).  

I know I share music all the time, but this time, have a listen and a look, not just for the music (which is good) but for message.

Guster- Bad Bad World from Softshell Productions on Vimeo.

I know not all of you use American money, so here's the exchange rate for those of you outside the US.

US 10.00
EURO 7.10
GBP 6.16
CAD 10.01
AUD 9.84


  1. I loved it, and the music too :)

  2. Hi, stopping by from SITS. As someone who writes a blog about design on a dime, I'm always looking for ways to stretch a dollar, even when it comes to helping others.

    Your post reminded me of something my mom shared with me about her brother. When my uncle and his wife were younger, every Christmas Eve they would take their children on a drive to the poorest neighborhood in the community and hand a $20 bill to the first person that they encountered who looked down on their luck. I always thought that was such a beautiful gesture and a wonderful way to teach their children about generosity and giving from the heart.

  3. It made me cry! Plus, I just love Guster.

  4. Small gestures can make incredible differences!


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