Tuesday, March 8, 2011

tunes i like tuesday: moneygrabber

The past several years have given us a rekindled interest in retro-style music that combines soul, gospel and funk. I think either you have an appreciation for this sound or you don't.  Personally, I think it's fun and it definitely keeps my playlists interesting. Piquing my retro yearnings here lately are Fitz and the Tantrums. Fronted by Michael Fitzpatrick, with leading support from Noelle Scaggs, the band delivers their own spin on music from a past musical era.  Determined not to be a carbon copy of groups from days gone by (and part of what I find interesting) is their non-traditional instrumentation... most notably organ and saxophone and also most notably, NO guitar, which takes some musical guts. 

According to Fitzpatrick, 
I'm not sure why, but there's definitely a new movement that's happening. Most of that can be attributed to Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, who remind people of this amazing period in music. It's interesting because rock 'n' roll has been around forever and the certain cyclical cycle for what rock 'n' roll is, people don't keep it at base – there's a perpetual growth. But I think the reason why soul music is finding its voice is that people are responding to the organic authenticity of it. It's six great musicians doing it the traditional way, there's no back tracks. Each show is its own moment. I think people respond to that kind of songwriting. It has a soul. And I think that people are hungry for that.
I'm thankful for Fitz and the Tantrum's not so subtle reminder of how amazing good music is, regardless of its era. Have a listen and let me know what you think.  If you like the tune, you can download it free below.


  1. Hey--really enjoyed that!
    I'd download it if I could figure out what to do with it after that! (tech challenge--only person in the world who uses her IPOD touch for an alarm clock . . .only!)
    lovin' tunes i like tuesday!
    (PS--did you see my post you inspired the other day?)

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    Loved this post too and following your blog. Would love a visit and follow back.

  4. Oh yeah, really like it!! :)

  5. GREAT SONG!!! Your newest follower!!!

  6. That is pretty good!

    Glad you shared with us today!

  7. This is great. Thanks for sharing the download info too. I will definitely head over there and get this tune.

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