Tuesday, March 15, 2011

tunes i like tuesday: old friends

Paul Simon has a new album out, So Beautiful or So What.  From all accounts it's really good and is being compared to Graceland, considered to be one of his very best works.  I've only heard a cut or two off it but I like what I've heard.  Long before this release or Graceland, Paul Simon was best known for his work with Art Garfunkel.  My parents listened to S&G, so I grew up listening to them too.  Two of my mother's favorite songs were "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and "Scarborough Fair" and I always think of her when listening to them.  

Thinking about the Simon and Garfunkel catalog, I am hard-pressed to name one of their songs I don't like. Really, my love for their music, even at an early age, should have been an indicator of my lifelong love of folk music. When I was 18 or so, one of my favorite albums was their 1968 release, Bookends. The album was already 23 years old at this point, but I treated it like treasure. (I actually listened to it on vinyl, back in the day.)  The album went to #1 and charted four singles: "At the Zoo", "Hazy Shade of Winter", "Fakin' It" and "Mrs. Robinson".... all of which are blog post worthy!  

However, the song I wanted to share today is "Old Friends".  I find something very sweet and endearing about the song, which embodies a hope that friendship can last a lifetime.  The album starts off with an instrumental version of the title cut, "Bookends" and midway through gives us "Old Friends", flowing into the lyricized version of "Bookends", which reflects on old friendships, thus making it's own musical bookends.

The version I am sharing is from the 1977 televised program, The Paul Simon Special.  What do you think? Do you have a favorite S&G song? (Surely, you must have one??!) 


  1. I love S & G, but I have to admit, Graceland is my ultimate favorite. My dad used to listen to it all the time when we were driving, and now it is my go-to road trip music.

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  3. I've always loved that song... it's hard to pick a favorite S & G song, but I think it may be "America."


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  7. I love Simon & Garfunkel, although I truly haven't even thought of them in forever!! Thanks for reminding me. I know my mom used to rock me to them... I think. Reminds me of childhood. Have a happy tuesday!

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  10. I like the Sound of Silence!

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    Ah, the good ole times with Simon and Garfunkel.... I just looked thru my vinyl, but don't have one from them...shame!
    Hands down I like The Sounds of Silence a lot (the most?) It's hard to choose just one :)

  17. I love 70's music. I especially love the Sound of Silence.


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