Friday, April 22, 2011

driving me to empty nesterdom

Summer 1997

Summer 2010

How is it possible my babies are halfway through Drivers Ed and will be behind the wheel in just a month?  

Countrymouse and I move through these last years of parenting as we know it half holding our breath.  How can something be so exciting and so dreadful at the same time?  We already have these little sneak previews when all the boys are away somewhere or another for a weekend.  We love these moments... working around the house together, shopping, dining out, listening to music, unabashed "adult time".  Do we enjoy these times so much because they are a treat or because they are a glimpse into what our lives will be like just a few years down the road?  I miss my two oldest sons terribly and don't see them nearly as often as I'd like. What will it really be like when they've all flown the coop?  


  1. Time daughter will be 31 in May, how the heck did that happen, giggle.Big hugs and wishes for beautiful weekend.

  2. You blink and the kiddos are all grown up. I feel like I just had my duaghter and she'll be 5 in October... CRAZY

    I wanted to ask how your cheesecake cups turned out.... I went out of town for 2 weeks and am now getting caught up. Have a great weekend!!!


  3. It will be time to plan your own adventures whilst continuing to enjoy your family but in a different way.

  4. Mine have all flown the coop. Sometimes it's lonely, sometimes it's heaven! All are now married with kids of their own, so that means now there are grandkids to spoil! win/win.

    I just stopped in from SITS to say hi. Hope you find time to return the visit!

  5. My kiddos are 3.5 and 2, I can only imagine that far in the future. I know it goes by quickly (weren't they just infants last month?) but at this point it seems like they will never grow up (good and bad). Your boys are cute, watch out!

  6. What handsome young men you have there!

    In the thick of it, there are days when I can't imagine being in your position... but then I read posts like yours and I remember to savor every moment~

  7. I started praying when mine was younger that I would let go gracefully when the time came, and it wouldn't overwhelm me. I had some moments of saddness at the change my life took after 18 years, then Alpha Hubby and I began celebrating and dancing in the street and having big fun... which hasn't stopped since! Plus Son still visits often enough to be enjoyed. You're gonna enjoy this new change in your life - trust me!! It is so much fun!

  8. Don't worry - they won't disappear from you life completely. They'll just set up their own households and come back with grandbabies for you to spoil!


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