Monday, April 11, 2011

tunes i like tuesday: hit 'em up style

I am posting my Tuesday Tunes a day early this week because I am happily sharing the spotlight over at XmasDolly's Monday's Music Moves Me.  Have a listen here and then head over there to check out the other tunes people are talking about this week.

The Carolina Chocolate Drops have been recording for about 5 years now, but I only heard about them last December when my brother and his wife brought their album, Genuine Negro Jig to my house during a visit. I wished I had heard them sooner!  These guys make me want to get up and move.  Their sound is a combination of traditional black string-band music from the Carolinas, folk and bluegrass.  Even though their sound is definitely old-time, they bring a breath of fresh air to the music community.

They do a delightful cover of Blu Cantrell's 2001 R&B hit, "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops)".  As I've mentioned before, I love hearing different interpretations of the same song. Click on the link above if you haven't heard the original or need a reminder. What's your take?  I actually like both versions.  I think my mood would dictate which one I played but on any given day, I think I'd pick the Chocolate Drops' version. 


  1. Pretty good playing

    Glad you shared this with us today!


  2. I'm going to have to give this music a listen! Thanks for visiting my blog - I have lots of Autumn Joy sedum, and the ground cover sedum in my post today, while in the same family, is a whole other animal!

  3. Rather different to dancing with the daffodils. I will pop off and investigate Monday's Music Moves Me, once I have finished listening to this jig.

  4. I've never heard this group but I have heard that song (Blu Cantrell)- I likey!

    Katie @ Bookin It Up


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