Tuesday, April 26, 2011

tunes i like tuesday: poetry man

Many times I sit down Monday evening and write my Tunes I Like Tuesday posts but last night was busy, I was worn out and, frankly, I wasn't sure what I wanted to share.  I still wasn't sure what to write about when I read this afternoon that Phoebe Snow had passed away today at the age of 60.

Anyone who was around in the mid-70s will remember her most popular song, "Poetry Man" from her 1974 eponymous release. Phoebe Snow's sound was everything I liked then and still like... bluesy, jazzy, soulful. I loved "Poetry Man" as a girl and it still remains a favorite.

Phoebe dropped out of the music scene to care for her severely brain-damaged daughter, Valerie, who passed away in 2007 at the age of 31.  By all accounts, Snow never regretted her decision to care for her daughter instead of pursuing her music career. Phoebe's manager, Sue Cameron, is quoted as saying,
"Phoebe was one of the brightest, funniest and most talented singer-songwriters of all time and, more importantly, a magnificent mother to her late brain-damaged daughter, Valerie, for 31 years. Phoebe felt that was her greatest accomplishment."
Honestly, that just makes me like her even more.

Take a moment to have a listen to "Poetry Man" and enjoy the musical gift that Phoebe Snow has left us with.

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  1. I hadn't heard she'd died! I had this ablum and loved her music. What an amazing voice she had but what a sad life, in one sense.


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