Thursday, May 19, 2011

neon as art

For some people, the thought of neon as art may seem strange.  I suppose if the only neon you ever saw were beer logos and "open" signs, it would be a stretch. My very cool sister-in-law, Eve, is an award-winning neon artist.  For the last 20-ish years I've had the pleasure of seeing Eve's work. (Countrymouse actually has a piece hanging in his office.) I am not sure what I like best about neon art... the way the glass curves and flows in it's design, the vibrant colors or that it is such an unique art form. Neon art is complex yet many times visually simple... a lot like life.

Eve was featured on a local Philadelphia television show, Philadelphia Stories, last week. Since we live a couple of hours south in Maryland, I wasn't able to watch the program. Thank God for YouTube!  The short video below shows Eve in her home studio bending the heart piece above. Pretty awesome stuff.

You can check out some of Eve's other works on her website, Evening Neon.


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