Thursday, June 23, 2011

my current obsession

I. Want. This.

.......................but somehow, I don't think having custom tiles shipped from Scotland quite fits into my budget this month (or maybe even this lifetime).

This would just be so AWESOME in my bathroom.  I just can't stop thinking about it.  Is there anything you're obsessing over these days?  Know somewhere here in the US that sells something similar??


  1. You could print out the pics and mod podge them over tile. Or dollar store canvas. I know that if you Google it there's a site that will take your photo and break it up into pieces to print out. ♥

  2. not only are the tiles awesome, the the tub and the floor.....

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  4. I think this is definitely something you could do yourself 8-) The tub is really quite fabulous.

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  5. Yeah, those tiles are AWESOME!!! Want them. Never going to be able to afford them.

  6. I'm obsessing over a certain sink that I put on my pin board. Won't be getting it anytime soon as we move too much. :-(
    Following your Twitter and by GFC from the Super Stalker Sunday.
    From MD and Blue Star Mom as well. :-)

  7. Wow - that's pretty cool! I'm not sure I would like giant fish staring at me every day, but it's still a neat idea. ;P


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