Sunday, June 12, 2011

sunday morning pictures

One of my very favorite things to do is to sit outside early in the morning and drink my coffee.  There is just something so peaceful about this time of day. I love the fact that the rest of my family is still asleep and the house is still.  I wonder if all the years of having so many little kids running around (and never sleeping in) contributes to this love??  Of course, now I have adult/teenaged kids and the last thing they want to see is what 6:30am looks or sounds like! (All the better for me!)

I thought this morning would be a good time to finally figure out how to use the camera on my iPhone since I've had it for a few months and haven't even tried to take a photo.  I still have a ways to go, but it's a start.

The necessities... my computer (playing some tunes), coffee, water, pad and pen and a little flower to brighten my morning. It rained last night (YAY) so the table was a little wet, thus the tea towel.

An anniversary gift from some dear friends.

My companion, Kiki.  We actually have two other cats, Mia and Massimo, but we don't allow them outside. (They are lilac point Siamese and my concern is that if they go out a) someone will take them or b) they aren't smart enough to get back in successfully.) Kiki was a lost kitten my kids found a few years ago and she's a tough cookie.  

The Maryland flag.  I love everything about my state except its politics. I think we have the absolute best looking state flag in the whole country.  This was a Goodwill find that sat in a drawer until recently, when I decided it would look good on the deck.  I plan on buying a flag pole for it and hanging it properly, but for now this works.  Yes, that's mosquito fogger sitting in the window sill beside the flag.  What you don't see are the 4 cans of mosquito repellent sitting next to them.  The other thing I don't like about my state are all the mosquitoes but I love being outside more.  Priorities, you know?  

Our deck is under a 100+ year old pecan tree. We have wonderful lights strung all through it.  They look pretty awesome at night. I always feel festive when they are on.

I need to play some more with the iPhone camera but it really is so much easier than any other cell phone camera I've used and really opens up so many possibilities for photos on the fly.

The rest of my day is filled with normal household things and then Sunday dinner with my family at my father's house that hopefully includes a stroll in the stream. I hope you find some quite time today to enjoy something you love.


  1. It's the Summer family room. It's great but the truth is you grow (and flower) wherever you are planted. I'm sure you would find peace and beauty wherever you were. That's one one of your great qualities.

  2. these pictures make me really miss you guys. i've always loved your house! BUT, lady, you're crazy! i would KILL to sleep in - and now that you can, YOU SHOULD.


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