Tuesday, July 26, 2011

tunes i like tuesday: poison & wine

I am thrilled to say Countrymouse and I are going to see these guys tonight!!  I've been a big fan of The Civil Wars for a year or two now.  You may remember that I featured their cover of the great Leonard Cohen's "Dance Me to the End of Love".  I still think it's a great song and a great cover.

Aside from really liking their sound, what I noticed early on about Joy Williams and John Paul White and was that other singers I liked liked them too... even though they weren't getting commerical airplay or had even released a full length album.  (Their first full length album, Barton Hollow, was released this past winter.)  When the artists you like are buzzing about another group, it's time to take notice!

Besides being named by Paste Magazine as "Best of What's Next" here's some of the buzz, buzz, buzz.....

"The Civil Wars are the BEST live band I have EVER seen." - Adele
"The Civil Wars are a bonafide phenomenon." - KCRW
"Through bands like The Civil Wars, a new music industry is born." - LA Times
“I think this (Poison & Wine) is my favorite duet. It’s exquisite.” - Taylor Swift (Full disclosure: Swift is not one of my musical loves, but she's good at what she does and a lot of people like her.)

Have a listen... let me know what you think. 

PS: Just an interesting tidbit... Joy Williams and John Paul White are NOT married.  Well, they are... just not to each other.

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