support our troops

If you stop around these parts from time to time, you probably know my son Matt serves in the US Army and  is currently deployed to Iraq.  You can read a post about him and a couple of other young men in my family who are currently serving both in the US and overseas here.  

Having someone you love so far away from you and in potentially dangerous situations is a very hard thing.  A lot harder than I thought it would be. I can't even imagine what Matt thinks/feels. This page is an attempt to do whatever I can to make it better (I am still his mom, after all).  

Even though you probably don't know Matt, I'd like to invite you to send him a letter and let him know that you are sending support and prayers his way. I think it's important for Matt (as well as the other troops) to feel connected with "back home" and be reassured that his efforts do not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Please remember what your mother taught you... 
if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything.

PFC Matthew T. Sewell

BCO 1-21 IN BN, 2-25 BCT

FOB Warhorse 

APO AE 09336

If you'd like to do something more, the following is a list of recommended items, courtesy of Operation Shoebox.

www.Operation ShoeBox.Com -- Suggested Items
      Candy (heat resistant) Fruit Breezes (throat drops) Twizzlers
      Writing Paper and Envelopes Pens/Pencils
      Floss Mouthwash Toothbrushes Toothpaste
      Coffee (instant) Coffee Creamer Gatorade Powdered Drink Mixes Tea Mixes (sweet) KoolAid bursts- to freeze
FOOD (including dry goods, snacks)
    Sugar packets Bars (Clif or Balance) Beef Jerky Canned Fruit (pop top cans) Cereal (in small boxes) Girl Scout Cookies Granola Bars Gum Oatmeal (instant) Pop-Tarts Ramen Noodles-any flavor Ravioli (pop top cans) Tuna Kits
      Board Games Checkers (travel size) Chess (travel size) Crossword Puzzles Playing Cards
      CD Fanny Packs CDs Tapes DVDs new and used Hand held electronic games Sodoku books
      Books (novels, short stories) Newspapers (local) Magazines
      Baby Wipes Nose spray Eye Drops Deodorant Femine Hygiene Products (for female soldiers) Foot Powder Hairbrushes Hand Lotion Hand Sanitizers (waterless) Nail Clippers Q-Tips Razors (disposable) Shampoo Sunscreen Tissues (heavy duty - i.e. Puffs) Travel size body wash Tylenol (individual packets)
        Plastic spoons American Flags (small) Baggies (with zip lock) Batteries (AA, D, ....) Bug Spray (must be packaged in zip-lock bag) Duct Tape Disposable Cameras Flashlights (mini/mag lite, extra bulbs, lots of batteries) Fans (battery powered - small - with extra batteries) Fly Strips Fly Swatters Pre-Paid Phone Cards Shoe Insole Cushions Socks (cushioned white calf high)
      Canned turkey and Thanksgiving food items Small unbreakable holiday decorations Christmas stockings

  • Post cards are also great to send in the packages. You can pre-address the postcard to yourself or your organization with a note asking the service member to please let you know if they received the package.

  • You DO NOT have to put a stamp on the post cards -- the service member can mail them for free back to the states.

  • The U.S. Postal Service offers FREE boxes for Priority Mail. You can also order free boxes from the USPS online store (for use with Priority Mail shipping only). The recommended size is the #4 or #7 box. Or call 1-800-222-1811.
  • Wrap items well when packing soap/toiletries in the same package as food items. In warm weather, it's best not to include these in the same package!

If you're interested in doing something on a bigger scale, Operation Shoebox is a great organization to partner with.  You might also check out the following sites:

Any Soldier
Hero Box
Operation Troop Aid
United States Organizations (USO)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for any support you share.  If you do send a package, note or letter, please let me know.  I'd like to personally send my thanks and appreciation.